Product updates Q4 2023 

Check out our rewind to Q4 of 2023, learn about the shiniest releases across our Platform, and start innovating today. 

Product Marketing Specialist

Ivo Starešina

Product Marketing Specialist

Quarterly highlights

Last quarter’s video covers the steps needed for becoming a WhatsApp Business Platform provider, powering chatbots and agent interactions through GenAI and WhatsApp Voice Messages, how our new interface is making new channel requests a simple endeavor, and lastly, the benefits of implementing powerful messaging options such as SMS, WhatsApp, and Viber to Microsoft Dynamics 365 Customer Insights – Journeys.  Also, check out the other highlights below the video.

Enroll at Infobip Academy

If you wonder what it would look like to return to school – wonder no longer! with Infobip Academy, you can start your learning journey today. Explore interactive courses for SMS, Email, WhatsApp Business Platform, Answers, Conversations, Moments, and People. Powerful interactions are a link away. 

For WhatsApp Business Platform users: Template improvements boosting user experience

New template improvements significantly optimize WhatsApp template management’s user experience and flexibility. So, what exactly is new for you? 

  • You can now create up to 10 buttons per template, offering diverse interaction options. These buttons include Quick Reply, Call Button, and Click to URL, empowering users to expedite communication and provide direct contact or access to web content. Learn more
  • As a Portal user, you can independently edit active and rejected templates (modify content, headers, footers, and buttons), streamlining the customization process. 
  • As an API user, you can receive template updates automatically through webhooks, eliminating the need for manual endpoint calls. Learn more

For Broadcast users: Functionality enhancements across channels

We’re presenting you with a whole new Broadcast experience; take a peek below for all new and improved functionalities. Learn more

  • Simplified design and navigation for faster campaign management. 
  • Smoother content creation with the new Viber Business Messages content editor, making crafting engaging messages a breeze. 
  • Custom domain support for personalized communication for WhatsApp Business Platform & Viber for Business. 
  • Failover to SMS on WhatsApp for reliable message delivery. 
  • Enhanced campaign control with valuable insights. 
  • Flexibility with nine robust channels and two essential services. 

New Viber Business Messages Content Editor

For Conversations users: Workflows supporting seconds

Time-based workflows in our cloud contact center solution now support seconds, meaning your agents can react even faster in time-sensitive scenarios. The minimum available value is 10 seconds and is available for all triggers in time-based automations.  

With this improvement, all use cases where rapid sequential action is crucial are now possible with enhanced control and adaptability. Additionally, this improvement drives SLA use cases, resulting in the fastest customer service ever.  Learn more

Best applied within the following industries: Retail eCommerce Finance

For API users: Easily integrate Viber Bots and Kakao Talk modules

Viber Bots and Kakao Talk modules are now available over standalone API; what does that mean for you? 

  • By integrating Viber Bots, you can improve bulk message sending with rich features like a carousel, rich cards, file sharing, location sharing, and stickers. Learn more
  • With Alim Talk (Notification Talk) and Sangdam Talk (Consultation Talk), Kakao Talk’s modules, you can leverage various capabilities like failover to SMS, scheduling messages, granular sending, send-time optimization, and webhook management. Learn more

Standalone APIs drive faster integration and remove unnecessary frustrations for developers integrating our APIs while unifying the experience of using all Infobip Messaging APIs.

For Anam Protect users: Flexible blocking conditions

In the past, our SMS firewall operated on a fixed rule group (there was one set of rules that specific traffic needed to meet to be promoted to SIM box fraud). Still, as the need for more sophisticated fraud detection grew, we introduced a dedicated “Fraud” category with its own fixed set of rules. This enabled us to detect and block international fraudulent traffic better.

Now, taking another leap forward, we’ve implemented a more dynamic rule system. This system allows for a flexible set of rules, adapting swiftly to emerging threats on a global scale. Naturally, it all came down to the most recent development, where the logic will block the senders based on the volumetrics and then unblock after a specified period. Our goal was to create a logic where any rule can be utilized with any other rule (A2P text profile hit count, international destination count, 5-minute burst count, etc.), and that also anyone can define which classification they want to have for which rules’ group. With these advancements, activating the Flood promotion, for example, will result in only Flooding metrics for fraud senders being shown on the UI. Learn more

To learn more about the Anam Protect, click here.

For Voice users: SIP Trunking improving call flows

Put simply, SIP Trunking allows you to expand existing phone systems by running Voice services over an internet connection, allowing worldwide coverage.  

We’ve introduced Static and Registered Trunk types for better customer flexibility and a US Unlimited Pricing Plan for outbound calls across the USA at a flat rate, helping your budgets remain predictable and accurate.  Learn more

Exchange: New integrations and developers connectors boosting platform functionalities

Our marketplace has additions to help you improve day-to-day activities. 

  • – Integration built by Salable that empowers your chatbot experience by validating address field forms that reflect the local geographic format. This way, inputting and verifying addresses from different countries is simplified. Learn more
  • Interactive Context Card – You can strategically embed specific website capabilities (e.g., calendar, etc.) in the Conversations workspace. In doing so, you empower agents with the information and functions they need to help customers more quickly. Learn more
  • Reusable Answers Block – Build a Call API block once, freely reuse it, and replicate it on any other chatbots without coding or extra development.  Learn more

Interactive Context Card

To get more details about the implementation of the new capabilities, visit our monthly release notes from October and December.   

Feb 23rd, 2024
Product Marketing Specialist

Ivo Starešina

Product Marketing Specialist