Product updates: Enhanced personalization, improved UX, and greater discoverability

Product Marketing Specialist

Ivo Starešina

Product Marketing Specialist

The end of the year is around the corner, and there are still some features we know you need to end 2022 with a bang. Read more and choose your favorite BipFeatures:

Voice: Clear and uninterrupted Voice experiences with new Calls API

Audio Streaming

Audio Streaming is accessible to all Calls API users. Compose call scenarios with audio filtering during calls and use it to remove background noise. Include voice changers to alter and modify what the speaker says. Perform live call transcriptions using an external service.

Calls Transfer

If your applications are built on the Calls API platform, you can easily switch between them during calls without using intermediary numbers. With it, your call switch scenarios are going to go uninterrupted.

Bulk API

Create numerous calls conveniently with a single request using our new Bulk API. Bulk calls may be set to a validity period and scheduled for later execution. A single request can contain multiple bulks, each of which targets several destinations. Also, it is possible to halt, restart, cancel, or reschedule bulks.

Bulk API is ideal for sending scheduled call-based surveys to recipients, promotional offers, and call-based awareness campaigns during the festive season.

WhatsApp Business Platform: Make opting in and communicating over WhatsApp easier for your customers

Search Function*

Search Function within the WhatsApp contact list makes it easier for customers to engage with your business.

Previously, customers needed to add a phone number to their contacts, click a link on a separate platform or scan the QR code to reach you. Now, they can enter the name of your business and start a conversation with you immediately.

You can go to WhatsApp Manager or reach out to us to make your business account visible in the Search Function.

*Currently available in Brazil, Colombia, Mexico, Indonesia, and the UK.

Technical Updates for WhatsApp users:

  • Instant template approvals for unverified businesses are temporarily paused, and template turnaround is extended to 24 hours. 
  • Meta will impose a 3-day lock if potential scams are detected with accounts. During the suspended period, the account won’t be able to create templates or send messages, but they will be able to receive them. Contact your Account Executive to find out tips and tricks on how to prevent templates from being rejected. 

Moments and People CDP: Enhancing personalized engagement with new features

Event Aggregates v.2.*

In the September release, we updated our Event Aggregates and Computed Profile Attributes. And this month we are going to power them even further so you can target customers based on Most Common, First, Last, Count Distinct, and Exist, with an option to exclude a specific event from aggregation. Thereby, more personalized engagement.

With additional Event Aggregates, you can calculate the most popular product based on previous purchases (aggregate: Most Common), see what products are the first to be bought (aggregate: First), what products are last to be purchased (aggregate: Last), etc.

*Currently, new Event Aggregates are only available to Moments customers.

Email Editor: Accordion Widget

The new Accordion Widget allows you to create dropdown sections out of a big chunk of text, making longer messages easier to read for the recipient.

If you want to learn more about Kinectic Widgets and how it can help you to create even more interactive emails or promotional offers, visit the release blog from July.

Tracking Capability in LINE

This new feature lets you track audience behavior in LINE by measuring clicks on certain links. Link Clicks can be used as events for: 

  1. advanced conditions in Flow  
  2. segmentation of active profiles in People CDP  
  3. tracking campaign performance   

Conversations: Multitasking just got easier

Live Chat multithreading is now available for all Conversations users. You will be able to initiate multiple parallel conversations through Live Chat. The idea is to help resolve more than one issue at a time, with different agents able to handle different topics when needed.

For more details, visit our Documentation page, and if you want to refresh your memory on what we released last.

Dec 1st, 2022
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Product Marketing Specialist

Ivo Starešina

Product Marketing Specialist