Product updates: Improved customer service, customer engagement, and enhanced API in channels  

Product Marketing Specialist

Ivo Starešina

Product Marketing Specialist

In May, we added updates that can help your business improve overall customer service and customer engagement. Read on to see how enhanced API in various channels can help.

Moments: Three new features to improve customer engagement

1. Advanced QR Codes

Our new advanced QR codes require no activation, are easy to use, and are free of charge. Upon scanning the code, users can choose from a list of specific numbers to message directly, including customer support. They can also share a location via Google Maps, meeting IDs, and even make PayPal payments.

2. User Saved Blocks

To make Moments even more user-friendly, we have introduced User Saved Blocks for Email Editor. You can easily save commonly used messages and recycle them in other emails.

3. New Flow templates

New Flow templates are available to highlight engagement capabilities for mobile app messaging users. The templates include:

  • Welcome messages
  • Login reminders for the activation phase  
  • Engaging new or inactive mobile users for the retention phase    

Viber Business Messages: Enrich customer engagement with brand new API

New Viber Business Messages API introduces two outstanding features.

Take engagement to the next level by adding video messages to your Viber strategy. Alongside other rich messaging features like text, images, files, or call-to-action buttons, you can improve overall customer engagement.

Viber Business Messages API now supports conversational session-based messages. The new API lets you choose a suitable pricing model for your business. You can now choose to pay per message or conversation. The latter is a more cost-effective option for businesses that want to deliver outstanding customer service.

Conversations: Simplifying processes and improving agent productivity

Our cloud contact center solution, Conversations, welcomes the Live Chat Multithreading feature.

Customers can now open multiple live chat conversations at the same time, ensuring the right agent is addressing the right query. This will significantly improve agent productivity and quicker resolutions.

You can now send complex information in a structured manner as Conversations enables agents to send and receive tables via email.

Finally, Knowledge Base users can subscribe to specific articles and receive email notifications for updates. All the information will be available to you at your fingertips.

Exchange: Upgrades with partnerships

SalesForce Cloud: Our SMS and WhatsApp integration over Salesforce Cloud now allows sending messages directly from the contact or lead.

Service Now: Whether you use our WhatsApp integration for customer support or engagement, all the data exchanged will be transferred to your ServiceNow account in real time. This enables you to have all your customer data in one place.

Calls API: Personalized voice and video journeys

Calls API is the all-encompassing portfolio of Voice and Video APIs. You can craft and personalize engagement with end-users and meet new emerging market needs. Offer your customers the flexibility to create almost any desired outbound call scenario.

Designed to help organizations reach a wider audience faster, Calls API offers an extensive customizable API portfolio designed for various scenarios. Additionally, creating ideal combinations of Calls API and WebRTC SDKs produce higher-quality voice experiences – boosting retention and engagement.

WhatsApp API: Adding value to communication

Inbound Messages will now tell you which message triggered your customers to contact you via WhatsApp Business. If the communication is initiated by Click to WhatsApp Facebook ads or posts, the following data will be provided inside the “referral” object to your webhook endpoint:

  • Source type (ad or post)  
  • Source ID  
  • Source URL  

With this added information, you can enhance communication to be more meaningful and tailored toward your customers.

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May 23rd, 2022
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Product Marketing Specialist

Ivo Starešina

Product Marketing Specialist