Product updates: Increased agent productivity to boost CX

Partner Marketing Associate

Marija Ujević

Partner Marketing Associate

Answers: Enrich customer data with forms enabled in Apple Business Messages

This month we enabled forms in Apple Messages for Business through Answers to simplify data collection and enrich customer profiles. Using forms enhances the overall customer experience and provides an opportunity for improving or adding several use cases such as booking a hotel room, scheduling a flight, and claiming lost baggage.

We’ve also added a simulator extension for AI chatbots to increase transparency and trust in chatbots, especially when auto-correction is applied.

Conversations: Enhance agent experience

To help you enhance the contact center experience for agents and customers, we’ve upgraded some features and channels, including Apple Messages for Business, voice, and the mobile app for Conversations.

  • Apple Messages for Business: Enabled forms to enhance lead generation, simplify data collection, and deliver personalized experiences. Forms offers native integrations to automatically gather data into the CDP and immediately start engagement.
  • Voice: Easily manage voice recordings within the context of a conversation without having to leave the actual conversation. 
  • You can automatically trigger customer profiles for any conversation started across any channel using People. Depending on how they entered the conversation, these profiles will be triggered as either ‘leads’ or ‘customers.’
  • Mobile app: the new update for the Conversations mobile app enables agents to provide the same exceptional support as the portal from anywhere.

People: New features to store customer data more effortlessly

Our customer data platform, People, added new features to store customer data more efficiently. These features include:

  • Google Tag Manager integration allows you to easily track website user behavior and see which pages are frequently visited enabling comprehensive profiling.
  • Save customer responses directly in the module with Apple Messages for Business forms.
  • New update in Conversations enables agents to create and trigger customer profiles in conversations started across any channel.
  • RCS events are now accessible in People to examine channel user information.

SIM Swap check is now available on portal

Customers can now upload a file with their phone number and period and wait until it is executed. This new feature can be found by enabling SIM swap on our portal under the channels and numbers section.

Voice and Video

Following last month’s release of Calls API (Voice and Video), we are introducing additional platform features:

  • SIP Trunk Groups: individual SIP trunks created under the new Calls API can now be associated inside SIP Trunk Groups. This feature was added to optimize your outbound communication, such as round-robbin, failover, proportional, and least busy.
  • Answer machine detection: when creating an outbound call, the developer can now use the machine detection flag to enable AMD and determine the next step of the scenario implemented in his application.
  • Participant talking Events: When handling conferences, applications can now be subscribed into two separate events indicating when the conference participants talk and stop talking.
  • sFTP support for recordings: any recording performed using the Calls API will now be included in the sFTP transfer to the server with a defined a sFTP configuration in the portal.
  • Voice for Self Sign-Up: The voice channel is now available to any new customer joining the Infobip platform as a self-sign-up customer. Trial customers are limited to 30 calls (inbound + outbound), with a maximum duration of 5 minutes per call.

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Jun 29th, 2022
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Partner Marketing Associate

Marija Ujević

Partner Marketing Associate