Product updates: Increased engagement, optimized processes, and upgraded integrations

Product Marketing Manager

Sanja Verić

Product Marketing Manager

Let’s cheer you up on these hot summer days with many improvements on our omnichannel communications platform. Keep reading to find out how you can improve your business with the updates we’ve made this month.

We all have heard that a picture is worth a thousand words. Well, a video is worth a million. So, we’ve decided to highlight the enhancements to our omnichannel communications platform in video format! Watch the video below and see what’s new.

Keep reading to find out more about how you can improve your business communications with the updates we’ve made this month.

Answers: Improve CX with Live Chat Carousel and Messenger Call Action

This month we are bringing the Live Chat Carousel that will enable you to build chatbots easier, as you can achieve more in just one element. You can add from two to 10 cards in a carousel, and every card can have a title, description, image, and up to four additional buttons and quick replies. Aside from being visually pleasing and attention-grabbing, carousels encourage customer interaction with presented content. Scrolling through images or videos to find out more about the product or follow an interesting story can help a brand leave a lasting impression on customers.

Another element that results in speeding up the process of transferring to an agent, ease the end-user journey, and boost customers’ satisfaction is Messenger Call Action support. Your customers can now easily initiate a call from within a chat whenever a button element is placed in a message – Button, Rich card, or Carousel elements.

Last but not least, a new predefined attribute, “uniqueSessionId,” is added on Answers. To align the platform, we renamed the attribute in Session analytics to Unique session ID. You can now use it as a predefined attribute in chatbot building, which means that if one of your customers initiates a new chat with the chatbot twice, there will be two unique Session IDs added, one for every session. That will provide an ability to share more information about the session to an external system using integrations and connect it with the data in Answers analytics based on the session ID.

Conversations: Easier customer service with knowledge base optimization

We’ve made improvements in the Knowledge base, so, from now on, as a content editor, you have the option to see a list of changes on the article (version history), and restore any of the previous versions. And lastly, to speed up the issue resolution by agents, they will receive a hint with the number of the Knowledge base articles related to any active conversations, and it will be possible to have multiple context cards opened simultaneously.

Moments: Increase engagement and conversion rates with Mobile App Messaging Inbox and Kinetic Email

Simulate interactive experiences, and build creatively without leaving your inbox with Kinetic Emails. With this release, 4 kinetic widgets will be available:

  • Kinetic Rain: You can use any type of text or image to the email and add the “falling rain” effect to it, making the message more impactful. 
  • Interactive Coupon: Cut down on lengthy content paragraphs and use coupons to showcase two-sided images with different information.
  • Hover Image: Use an overlay effect on the images you attach to your messages. 
  • Gallery: Allows showcasing multiple images to drive customer interactions but also helps keep the email length in check.

Utilize these features to create more interactive emails for sales or promotional offers and increase customers’ engagement and conversion rates.

The next improvement is made with Mobile App Messaging Inbox. You can now build the inbox section of your applications to store push notifications via our cloud infrastructure. Your customer could see important messages even if they missed them. Aside from sending relevant information, you can use the Inbox functionality to engage your customers by sending them engaging communications through the Portal.

Exchange: Deliver exceptional customer experiences

Learn more about how we enhanced our marketplace with new upgrades to integrations.

  • Use the Infobip app to send Creatio SMS and Viber messages! Creatio is a premium vendor of process-driven cloud-based software for marketing, sales, and service automation. 
  • HubSpot now offers SMS and WhatsApp enabling you to deliver great experiences by allowing your support and sales executives to interact with your customers on their preferred channel.
  • Magento + SMS and WhatsApp integration now enable Price Drop alert that will send notifications when there has been a drop in prices. 
  • New features are enabled for Optimove + SMS integration to support triggered campaigns, unique URL clicks being tracked in channel metrics, and custom delivery reports.
  • In just a few clicks, connect SMS, Voice, and Viber to Zapier Apps, and from now, your communication can be sent over one more channel: WhatsApp!

Viber: Boost your sales with the new message type

To help increase engagement and boost sales, the text+image message type for Viber Business messages is now available under Flow, Broadcast, and Viber Business Messages API. The new message type is aimed at helping the financial institutions in the Philippines to better comply with the initiative announced by the Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas (BSP) with clickable links.

Voice and Video: Improvements with the API and flow

New capabilities are also available on our Voice and Video platform:

  • Stop Recording API
    With this new API, you can start and stop recordings multiple times whenever needed during a call or conference. This is useful for masking private information that needn’t be part of the recording for privacy reasons.
  • Calls API Log
    A new “history” calls log API makes it possible to query call information from up to 2 months ago. You can now retrospectively look at specific elements of a previous call, such as endpoint type, call duration, and review any errors.
  • Flow Inbound Call Trigger
    When creating a Flow with an Inbound Call Trigger, it is now possible to associate multiple Infobip DID numbers to the same trigger. 

If you missed product updates in June, check them out here.

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Jul 27th, 2022
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Product Marketing Manager

Sanja Verić

Product Marketing Manager