Product updates: New API and integrations plus upgraded personalization

Product Marketing Specialist

Ivo Starešina

Product Marketing Specialist

Powerful updates for December are our way of ending 2022 strong and giving you the capability to start the new year with better omnichannel communications – making your day-to-day job easier.

Keep reading to learn about the newest updates for:

Subscription API: Modular and flexible notifications and reporting for SMS, MMS, Email, and Number Lookup

Subscription API brings new functionalities to Infobip CpaaS customers. When you send traffic over our APIs, you want to receive notifications, such as delivery reports, clicks, etc.

The new Subscription API brings more modularity and flexibility to this process and allows you to subscribe to important events and discard the rest. It will also allow you to use more security options for protecting data received from us.

How does it work?

Once you send traffic via API, it goes through our internal processes, such as routing, queuing, etc., and we send it to a telecom provider over the gateway. The telecom provider delivers it to the end-users and provides us with the reports. We then process those reports to turn data into useful information; this is where Subscription API comes into play.

You can subscribe for specific events that you are interested in for each channel or use case. You can set it up all on your own, and once you have created your notification profile (setup of the URL for receiving those notifications), you are good to go. You can add security settings – authentication parameters for this URL (BBasic HMAC, Oauth).

What value does Subscription API bring?

The essential value of Subscription API is that from now on, you will only receive relevant notifications and won’t have to sift through data deciding on what to keep and what to discard.

The best part? Subscription API is available for self-service, meaning you can implement it independently. Another capability is out-of-the-box security – self-service management of authentication methods for your webhooks and backward compatibility.

SMS: Say goodbye to long URLs

With URL Shortening, you can: 

  • Automatically reduce long URLs to 23 characters 
  • Track all URL clicks and performance and receive that information in real-time via webhook using the API

Shorter URLs lead you to cleaner SMS messages that don’t look like spam resulting in better click-through rates. 

Email: Enhance your messages with Message Preview

Do you sometimes wonder what your emails look like when a customer receives them? It is time you find out!

The Message Preview feature is making email designing more convenient than ever. You can test placeholders directly from preview mode and see what names, surnames, and other placeholders will look like for the customer. 

Viber: Say goodbye to long URLs- part 2

Viber Business Messages API introduces three new options to customize the URLs you are sending and the tracking capability for URL clicks:

Moments: New channel, additional metrics, and improved personalization

Omnichannel: Communicate with your customers via MMS

With MMS, you can use multiple media formats, including audio, video, image, and vCard files, in your communication strategy. You can Leverage MMS to build outbound campaigns, use it as a failover channel, and track sent and delivered messages.

MMS has an interesting use case within the eCommerce industry. For example, you can send gift cards to customers who took specific actions on your website.

Improved UX with Monthly Engaged People (MEP) Report

Your wishes finally came true! Now, you can generate a detailed report on your Moments consumption in the Analyze module. MEP Reports can be done for the current month and previous two months.

By extracting this report, you can get more accurate information about your spent MEPs and plan your subsequent campaigns.

Improved STO in Flow and added metrics for LINE & RCS

Send-time optimization has been added to Flow. Now you can see specific metrics for every part of Flow. This new power-up allows for more granular performance tracking for our customers and provides insight to what works better for their users.

With newly added metrics in LINE and RCS, you can now track the performance of each element of your Flows, such as Sent/Delivered/Opened for RCS & Clicks for LINE.

Email Editor: Hotspot Widget and Placeholder v.2.

The Hotspot Widget can help you enhance messages with interactive content. The Hotspot Widget highlights specific areas of the image, and recipients can tap or click on said areas to reveal more information. The pop-up can also show a CTA to drive recipients to your website.

To find out more about the various Kinetic Widgets we offer, check out the following:

With the improved Placeholder feature, you can easily configure messages to show multiple items stored in the list attribute. Attributes in question are policies, agreements, items in a cart, and more, each specific to the end user. Refresh your memory about the Placeholder feature and its value here.

Conversations: Improved Automatic Agent Assignment

To make Automatic Agent Assignment faster and improve the performance of your contact center, we extended the algorithm for when auto assignment will be started.

Now, Automatic Agent Assignment for multiple conversations will be triggered with new events:

  • Conversation closed 
  • Conversation merged 
  • Change in the queue 
  • Agent unassigned 
  • Start of working hours 
  • And more

Answers: Computed Profile Attributes support through People CDP

Within this release, we have made Computed Profile Attributes values accessible within Answers, allowing you to enrich and personalize the end-user experience.

Computed Profile Attributes are a new field type released into our Customer Data Platform, enabling you to create improved segmentation based on lead scoring, lifetime value, or average monthly spend.

Visit the September release blog to learn more about how these additional values can help your targeting endeavors.

Answers is getting two awesome integrations through Exchange. Read more about this below.

Exchange: New integrations empowering your communications

Enhance eCommerce use cases with our chatbots

VTEX and BigCommerce platforms welcome integration with our Chatbot Building Platform.  

Easily implement conversational commerce use cases through digital channels and quickly automate the flow to gain information about orders, products, and customers. Enable a chatbot shopping assistant to automate the business processes and save your resources with the Infobip Answers Block.

Shared VTEX & BigCommerce use cases:

  • Order Tracking: Customers can consult the status of an order they have made in the past. 
  • Enrich Chatbot Interaction: Use customer data from the eCommerce platform to enrich the content of the messages used during the interaction with the chatbot.  

BigCommerce-specific use cases:

  • Product Catalog Navigation: Customers can go through the product catalog of a store using a chat app. 
  • Conversational Commerce: Selling products and services online through messaging apps.  

VTEX-specific use cases:

  • Product Stock Validation: Customers can ask for a particular product and validate its availability. 

WhatsApp for CleverTap

You can now create campaigns and gather insights in CleverTap by enabling WhatsApp as a channel. Delivery reports are available too, allowing you to analyze campaign performance and improve your messages based on data.

Infobip SPOKE, powered by ServiceNow

Send automated messages directly from the Integration Hub in ServiceNow. Add single and bulk SMS actions, making it easier than ever to notify your customers with essential and time-sensitive information. 

For more details, visit our Documentation page, and if you want to refresh your memory on what we released last month – check this blog out. 

Dec 15th, 2022
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Product Marketing Specialist

Ivo Starešina

Product Marketing Specialist