Product updates: Products redesign, improved targeting capabilities, and increased security

Senior Content Marketing Specialist

Martina Ivanović

Senior Content Marketing Specialist

We’re kicking off the fall season with new updates to our most popular channels and solutions.

Watch the video below to see what’s new – and read on to find out all the details:

Products redesign: A new look and feel

Make your customer communication thrive with the new upgrades we made to our interface design.

Once you log into your account, you’ll notice:

Navigation improvements to make sure you get to where you need to be quickly and easily, including:

  • Reorganized navigation for a better user experience
  • Second-level navigation items are now under the first level

Self-service improvements for better guidance, including:

  • Contextual sign-up flow
  • Improved homepage
  • Reorganized Settings and Accounts
  • Redesigned Login screen

A new visual design update including new colors, icons, and fonts.

Old design vs new design

Email: Increase your deliverability and conversion rates

We updated the design of our email interface flow to help you easily send emails on our platform.

Easily test traffic with Single Sender

You can verify a single sender in a few clicks using your Gmail or any other existing email account, instead of registering a full domain to test the service. You can use a single sender only for testing traffic and send a maximum of 100 messages.

Updated domain registration flow

Choose the purpose of the domain and DKIM length: 1024 or 2048. The higher the number, the better the security. Leverage clear mapping of mandatory records and optional records which can increase your delivery rate.

Send emails with AMP through API

Now you can use all AMP elements and send, for example, an interactive carousel showcasing your products in cart abandonment emails. Dynamic AMP elements help boost your email engagement and conversion rates.

List-unsubscribe header for all emails

The list-unsubscribe header is placed in the heading of the email by default. Internet service providers appreciate this and trust your domain more, so they will ensure you have a high delivery rate.

WhatsApp Business Platform: Improve your sender quality

The days when templates would affect your sender quality score are over! With the Template Pausing feature, you get an email each time your message communications are perceived as spam. After receiving the notification email, you have three hours to edit the template content, reshape the target audience, or choose to leave it as is.

Please note this is valid only if you are onboarded using the Embedded Signup Flow. In case you are onboarded manually, Infobip Support will receive notifications and will inform you in a timely matter.

Additionally, you can now raise an Official Business Account request through the WhatsApp Manager if you onboarded your WhatsApp account using the Embedded Signup Flow. If you have onboarded the account by other means, you can still reach out to our support team to raise the request for you.

Moments: Enhance targeting efforts

The set of elements that form the Computed Profile Attributes feature in People CDP are ready. Computed Profile Attributes allow you to better segment and personalize messages by calculating metrics into individual profiles using Profile Scoring, Custom Formulas, and (the newly added) Event Aggregates. 

  • Profile Scoring, released in April 2022, assign scores to lead and customer profiles based on a set of determined rules. These rules can be related to profile attributes (such as region or credit score) and behavioral data (such as engagement or page views). When a customer signs up for a loyalty program, makes a purchase, or opens a message, the profile score is calculated for that specific individual.
  • Custom Formulas, released in December 2021, are a very efficient way to make different valuable metrics out of attributes from a person’s profile. For example, you can enter a formula to calculate the conversion rate based on click and open rates for individual profiles.
  • Event Aggregates, released in September 2022, you to automatically receive values from tracked customer behavior (a sequence of events) over time. For example, how much revenue a customer brought over a certain amount of time or the number of times the customer engaged with a campaign.

With Computed Profile Attributes, you can further enhance targeting endeavors.

Conversations: Give agents a better understanding of customers

Live Chat open API for METADATA

Enable your agents to receive all the information they need about customer web or in-app actions in context cards. Any action on your website such as what their cart contains or which product they are interested in will be shared directly with the agent handling the conversation. This way, agents can understand the customer’s needs and interests even before the conversation has started and can react in the best way.

Furthermore, LINE now supports PDF files. PDFs can be attached and sent from the agent side which will allow them to send instructions, guides, and other types of files that can solve customer challenges faster, as well as improve CX and contact center resolution time.

Answers: Improve security

Identity Change is an added-value security feature that prevents WhatsApp messages from being sent to unverified users.

Now you can add a new level of security and protect yourself and your customers from leaking sensitive information.

For example, when you receive a notification that a customer has changed their device or number, you will be blocked from sharing confidential account information with the customer, and you can initiate re-authentication on their end. After a successful authentication check, you can continue to communicate with the customer and share information.

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Sep 28th, 2022
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Senior Content Marketing Specialist

Martina Ivanović

Senior Content Marketing Specialist