Product Updates: Streamlined Processes, Improved Satisfaction and New Integrations

With the Easter break behind us, we’ve introduced new updates to our solutions. Read on to find out how these latest upgrades will boost your customer satisfaction and experience.

Answers: Improve customer satisfaction and easily deploy bots

We have launched user-friendly and intuitive interaction flow that will help you simplify content sharing and have fewer hiccups in conversation with customers.

Furthermore, you will have the option of completing sessions naturally (delayed termination) resulting in a better experience for your customers.

We’re also decreasing the mandatory limit of minimum training phrases per single intent from 50 to 10 to simplify your chatbot building experience.

To help improve customer engagement in the Asian market, we have added supported content types such as buttons and carousel messages to LINE.

Conversations: Streamline your operations and improve your business productivity

April brings continued improvements to our cloud contact center Conversations. Improvements to our SLA have been made in order to allow you to set your own parameters around working hours. We’ve also upgraded our support over some of the channels, such as:

  • Telegram: Group chat improvements for improved agent experience, and easy retrieval of valid phone numbers of customers already verified by Telegram 
  • Live Chat: UX update of the widget configuration for easier integration through Google Tag Manager
  • Line: Carousel and button messages are now supported

Mobile App now has new social media channels – Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook posts. Furthermore, our Knowledge base is enhanced for email notifications to alert about changes and improved content collaboration possibilities.

Moments: Personalize your emails effortlessly

We have a brand new, user-friendly Email Editor to help build rich, effective, and responsive emails. The Email Editor now has more templates for you to choose from, and allows stronger personalization, with the option to add images, Call-to-Action buttons, links, videos, and more. The Audit tab will allow you to check your content for missing links, suggest alternative texts, and improve with real-time validation throughout the creation process. The Audit tab is only intended as a guide and will not prevent you from sending your message.

People CDP: Profile Scoring feature

A much-anticipated Profile Scoring feature is launched for People CDP. Now you can add a set of rules to score the audience against profile and behavior criteria. This allows for lead scoring use cases, credit scoring and much more. This People CDP update is affecting Answers, Conversations, and Moments.

Exchange: Improve customer experience

We have enriched our marketplace with new integrations, and upgrades to the existing ones.

  • Microsoft Dynamics 365 Marketing: Now in addition to SMS and WhatsApp, you can communicate with your clients with WhatsApp as well
  • SalesForce Marketing Cloud: use WhatsApp for marketing campaigns like product promotions, special offers, loyalty programs etc. You can also reach your customers via SMS, Viber and Kakao ChinguTalk
  • ZohoCRM: Share special product or service offers, create meeting reminders, introduce new products and many more via SMS
  • Adobe Magento: SMS and WhatsApp now supports Adobe Magento 2.3.x. and enables collecting and filtering customers based on customer opt-ins. Take advantage of WhatsApp to inform customers about products and services that are back in stock and/or target abandoned carts
  • Optimove: The SMS for Optimove allows clients to connect the Infobip portal to the Optimove platform to personalize journeys at scale with customer insights
  • HubSpot and ZohoCRM integrations: You can now sync back from People to your CRM systems, allowing you to collect all your data through any of the channels used.
  • VTEX, Adobe Magento and BigCommerce: You can now obtain order events that will be sent to People and can be used in Moments for creating campaigns and increasing conversion rates, sending order confirmation messages, etc.

WhatsApp: Cloud API now fully available

WhatsApp supports new languages, including Georgian, Kinyarwanda, Kyrgyz (Kyrgyzstan), and Zulu – a big boost for multilingual campaigns.WhatsApp has recently introduced a Cloud API solution hosted by Meta to fulfill the requirement for a simpler and more cost-effective API solution. You can send and receive messages using a cloud-hosted version of the WhatsApp Business Platform and send new message types such as video, interactive lists, buttons, and stickers. If you want to learn more about Cloud API and how it differs from hosted read our recent blog which API solution is a better fit for your business.

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Apr 27th, 2022
4 min read