SaaS innovation for ISVs

Razan Saleh

Content Manager

Businesses today are facing unprecedented demand in accelerating their digital transformation journey. They’re crying out for new tools, features, and services that will help them adjust to the new normal.

Whether you’re a cloud-native startup or an established Independent Service Vendor (ISV) with legacy on-premise software solutions, partnering with a SaaS vendor will transform your business to deliver more value to your customers while increasing revenue and streamlining internal operations.

With years of expertise in omnichannel communications and a strong CX foundation, partnering with Infobip can enhance your platform’s capability and help you provide superior customer experiences. Read on to learn what benefits the right communications technology partner can bring to grow your ISV business.

Adapting to a new Era

The rise of SaaS, fueled by advances in cloud technology, has transformed the software industry and how it functions. In a recent survey by IDC, 93% of enterprises said they engage directly with cloud communications platform vendors or third-party developers to enable real-time communication applications and collaboration tools. But, to be digital-first, businesses need agility to ensure that their customer moments are meaningful.

Rising consumer demands are forcing ISVs to move existing applications or build new solutions in a SaaS-based model. However, the engineering resources available within an ISV can often fall short by either not being powerful enough or lacking the right fit in terms of complexity. Finding the right technology partner will help meet these demands and provide streamlined, user-friendly, and connected customer experiences.

Our technical teams are always looking for new ways to improve our solutions and use cases. As a result, ISVs can focus their efforts on consultation and implementation on behalf of their clients, while we handle the digital transformation.

Delivering value every step of the way

Partnering with us enables fast, frictionless experiences designed to create, capture, and monetize every customer connection. We have helped organizations like yours implement and optimize their technical systems to reach the maximum number of customers.

Our cloud communication platform enables ISVs across all industries to expand their technical capabilities by leveraging our technology to build innovative solutions and/ or integrate with our CPaaS and SaaS offerings. On one hand, as an ISV, you will find new opportunities in achieving business growth, especially when you respond to your clients’ requests for an end-to-end omnichannel customer experience.

Through our Partner Connect Program, you can take advantage of our innovative cloud-based software applications such as:

An entire suite of digital channels is also available to help transform your clients’ customer experience into a hyper-personalized one.

Unlock the potential of digital channels: Expand your platform capabilities to reach a broader fast-growing cloud communications space through innovative channels such as SMS, WhatsApp Business, Messenger, RCS, Viber, Apple Business Chat, Google Business Messaging, LINE, Email, and Voice.

The Infobip partnership advantage

Our Partner Connect Program provides ISVs like you with programmatic support that allows you to unlock revenue opportunities in a $200 billion addressable market. You will have access to:

  • A dedicated partner development manager
  • Marketing and sales support
  • Sales programs and development activity
  • Product demos, developer toolkits, and beta access to new releases

Partnering with us will empower you to create revenue and offer scalable solutions through proper training and support. Our role will be focused on facilitating your transformation from the traditional software model and accelerating your journey to SaaS.

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Apr 7th, 2022
3 min read

Razan Saleh

Content Manager