[Infographic] Digital Channels to Scale the World

Martina Ivanović

Organizations today are looking for ways to future-proof and scale their business in a fast and economical way. Secure data management, global reach, and easy-to-use technology are all key factors to building business success.

On the other hand, customers continue to use a wide variety of channels daily – making it hard for organizations to keep up.

Here we highlight the types of digital communication channels you can add to your business offering to help clients connect with their customers – while growing revenue, building loyalty, and scaling your business.

Expanding your communications mix

According to our 2020 customer survey, 46% of consumers agree that technology plays a greater role in how they engage with brands – and 35% are happier to engage with brands on digital channels since the pandemic started.

It’s time to upgrade your customer communication offering with new channels and technology.

Here’s a comprehensive list of the most-used channels that could give your business a boost:

Native channels

Native channels require no setup on the customer’s side. They are fast and reliable – and are usually the first channels businesses use to start communicating with customers. Over time, native channels have evolved to enable rich media messaging with images, videos, GIFs, and more. The most common ones are:

Chat apps and social media

Our research also shows that 49% of millennials prefer to use WhatsApp and chat apps to communicate with businesses. Adding these channels to your portfolio will help your clients connect with their customers in a familiar, trusted, and secure way. Chat apps and social media messaging enable rich, real-time communication that increases engagement, click-through rates, and brand loyalty. Here are a few of the most popular channels:

Web and app messaging

According to Google, 63% of shopping occasions begin online. That’s why it’s important to give your clients a way to connect with customers when they’re shopping their website or exploring their app. Being available at each touchpoint is crucial to guiding customers through their purchasing journey and helping them reach check out. Here are a few channels that help introduce timely communication through websites and apps:

Go beyond messaging

Although offering a variety of communication channels is a good first step, businesses can only really improve their customer experience once they make these channels work together. That’s why offering omnichannel solutions that help your clients continue conversations from one channel to another, send proactive notifications, and provide support based on previous behavior is key.

In fact, 76% of companies are investing in emerging technology.

Here are a few omnichannel solutions that can boost your business offering:

Partner with a cloud technology provider

According to Gartner, the Software-as-a-Service market segment is set to reach $151 billion by 2022. Similarly, IDC states that the Communications-Platform-as-a-Service market segment is set to reach $17.7 billion by 2024.

Partnering with a cloud technology provider helps you tap into these growing market segments so you can increase agility, ROI, and security while reducing complexity, cost, and risk.

We help our partners:

  • Integrate new cloud services and digital channels
  • Reduce technical complexity and costs
  • Unlock new customer and revenue streams
  • Leverage customer data and optimize at scale
Dec 28th, 2021
3 min read

Martina Ivanović