10DLC registration: A step-by-step guide for A2P messaging

Get the inside scoop on 10DLC registration and how you can ensure your brand is approved to send SMS and MMS messages through US carriers.

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Monika Karlović

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10DLC (10-digit long code) registration has become a must for many brands looking to use SMS and MMS as channels to connect with customers in the USA. Designed to provide a sanctioned channel for A2P text messaging, 10DLC ensures compliance with carrier regulations and higher deliverability rates.  

If you’re looking to optimize your SMS or MMS campaigns while adhering to industry standards, understanding and completing 10DLC registration is the first step. This guide will walk you through all you need to know when registering your 10DLC number and campaigns. 

How 10DLC numbers appear to users when you send SMS and MMS messages.

Why is 10DLC registration required?

In the US, all messaging programs must be registered, meaning that you also need to register for a 10DLC, so that carriers know that your brand isn’t a spammer. A2P 10DLC registration ensures your brand: 

  • Meets carrier requirements: Carriers have made 10DLC registration mandatory so ensure your messages aren’t spam and are legitimate A2P messages
  • Adheres to laws and regulations: 10DLC registration helps demonstrate your commitment to legal compliance, reducing the risk of fines and legal action related to unsolicited messaging
  • Builds a better sender reputation: a registered 10DLC number helps build a positive sender reputation with carriers which is critical for ensuring that your messages are delivered promptly
  • Can’t spam users: By registering your 10DLC number, you contribute to a healthier messaging ecosystem, protecting consumers from unwanted and potentially harmful messages
  • Respects the privacy of users: Registered numbers are required to adhere to strict guidelines regarding consumer privacy and consent. This ensures that your business respects the privacy of its customers, fostering trust and long-term loyalty

How to register a 10DLC number for A2P messaging

An easy and straightforward way to register a 10DLC number would be through a trusted messaging provider like Infobip, in which case the overall process would include the following steps:

1. Buy a dedicated 10DLC number

An obvious first step in the registration process is to obtain a 10DLC number. You can do this through the Numbers app after you sign up with Infobip or over Numbers API.  

Already have a 10-digit long code number? No problem, we can help you register your existing number as well.  

2. Register your brand

Your brand must be included in the The Campaign Registry (TCR) by providing your company’s business and legal information. Mobile carriers in the US use this registry to validate brands – which means if your brand is not verified with TCR then you cannot send 10DLC messages over these carriers.

What is The Campaign Registry? 

The Campaign Registry (TCR) is a central database for 10DLC and A2P campaign registration. It helps keep a clean messaging ecosystem where carriers can ensure the brands sending large amounts of messages over their networks are legitimate and not spamming end-users.

You can register your brand with a provider like Infobip over the US Sender registration App or Number Registration API if you prefer. There is a one-time registration fee, and if everything is filled in correctly and honestly you should be registered immediately.

3. Register a campaign

Network operators in the US require you to register for the campaign you plan on launching over your 10DLC number. They want to ensure the messages you are sending are relevant and legitimate – not harmful spam.  

Each campaign registration requires:  

  • The brand the campaign is associated with
  • Basic information like the name of the campaign, a summary, and use cases
  • How you plan on collecting opt-ins
  • Examples of messages
  • Support contact information and terms and conditions

4. Campaign review

The Infobip Compliance Team will review your submission and determine if it meets the compliance standards.

In the event your campaign is rejected by the Infobip Compliance Team you will be provided with a reason and chance to fix it, if all checks out, your campaign will be registered with TCR and will be ready to use.

5. Go live

Once your campaign is reviewed and approved by The Infobip Compliance Team, it will be registered with network operators in the US, and you can start sending traffic with your 10DLC number. 

You can complete the whole process through our platform. If you aren’t satisfied with the message volumes received from mobile carriers, you can request a third-party vetting (however, getting a higher throughput is not guaranteed).

How long does the 10DLC registration process take?

Registering your campaign can take some time. A messaging provider, like Infobip, will need up to 5 days to review your campaign before it is officially submitted to TCR. 

Need faster registration? No problem, we can speed up your registration for 10DLC numbers and campaigns with our Swift Launch service. We’ll take care of all the heavy lifting and get you sending messages in no time.  

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Why might a brand be rejected for 10DLC?

There are several reasons why a brand and a campaign can be rejected by the Compliance Team, a few include:

  • Missing or incorrect information: if you’re missing any part of the application or if the information you provide is not verifiable, you’ll be rejected.
  • Spam or deceptive messages: Remember, the whole point of registration is to protect end users from spam, so any misleading or spammy messages will be rejected.
  • Unclear opt-in and opt-out instructions: You must clearly state how you plan on collecting opt-ins and offer customers simple ways to opt out of your campaign messages in order to be approved.
  • Non-compliant use cases: if your use case goes against carrier guidelines and regulations, you won’t pass the registration process.
  • Poor sender reputation: Your past reputation can come back to haunt you. If you’ve been flagged for non-compliance, have high opt-out rates or spam reports, it can negatively affect your application.

How to improve your chances of being approved for 10DLC numbers and campaigns

First and foremost, make sure all your information is up to date and accurate and ensure you have valid and vetted use cases that are compliant with US carrier guidelines. Perhaps the best way to get your brand registered is using a reputable messaging provider.  

Infobip is a tier-1 10DLC provider with direct connections with America’s major telecommunication operators, meaning we know what they are looking for and how to help your campaign get approved faster and at competitive pricing. Get access to local 10DLC numbers or use your existing one and enhance your SMS and MMS campaigns with compliant and meaningful messaging.

Ready to register a 10DLC number or campaign?

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