Scaling Customer Success While Keeping the Human Touch

Martina Ivanović

Senior Content Marketing Specialist

“I liked them before they got famous,” a sentiment usually associated with celebrities but the same applies to platform companies too.

Platform-as-a-service companies are digital disruptors and provide a level of service that enterprises struggle with. The one-to-one connection. However, when these same companies scale too quickly, they lose that connection – resulting in customer churn.

Scaling customer success

Scaling customer success requires a mix of people, data, automation, and the human touch – that would help create superior customer experiences. The “people” are your well-trained, customer-centric frontline team that’s ready to delight customers in each interaction. Data helps you personalize your customer success journeys, messaging, and channel strategy. Automation enables you to carry out repetitive tasks with ease, freeing up your people for more complex tasks. There are gains to be achieved with intelligent automation but at a certain point, you need human interaction.

So, the combination of the above brings out meaningful conversations that are personalized and on the channels your customers prefer.

That’s where an omnichannel communications platform comes in, with:

  • A data platform to process and aggregate customer and conversational information
  • A unified view to help your customer success team easily find the right interactions and context
  • A customer engagement solution to automate repetitive procedures and use cases
  • A full-stack CPaaS offering that empowers you to easily integrate your customers’ preferred channels into your existing technology stack

To put it in context: Automating the messaging flow for a customer based on where they are in the lifecycle, their past behavior data, and preferred communication channel is an effective way to leverage automation for customer success.

By automating customer touchpoints, whether they’re designed to onboard, activate, educate, or upsell, you’re able to cut time and costs for repetitive tasks and free up your customer success team to focus on delivering that human touch when needed.

3 Investments that help scale customer success

The key investments platforms need to make to scale customer success are:

Data platform for personalization

Meaningful data can help scale customer success by showing what is important to the buyer at the stage of their journey, thereby, personalizing the approach and shortening the sales cycle.

Post onboarding or activation, you can track your customer sales to easily automate repeat orders, reward loyalty, and find upsell opportunities.

Advanced CPaaS capabilities for mastery of omnichannel

We know that omnichannel communications are one of the keys to providing engaging and effective customer interactions. This is where an evolved CPaaS provider can help.

As a leading CPaaS provider, Infobip can empower you to scale quickly and confidently with the ideal mix of channels for every use case. With our modular API stack, get up and running with new channels faster than you thought possible and deploy effective communication services with reduced engineering effort for greater operational efficiency. These integrated APIs work easily with existing business systems – from CRM to contact centers and have been built to fulfill the specifici needs of both platforms and enterprise businesses.  

Providing the right message on the best channel has never been easier. For example: SMS for notifications, email for detailed product information, chat apps like WhatsApp, Messenger, or Viber for two-way interactions (both automated and personal), and popular social channels for engagement.

Working with the right CPaaS provider removes the need for buying and maintaining expensive equipment, handling carrier relationships, and having expert developers to integrate all your customers’ preferred channels or keep the software updated.

Automation to scale customer success

Once you have your data platform and channel stack in place, you can enhance your segmentation and targeting capabilities with intelligent automation. The ability to sell, cross-sell, engage, and increase revenue without any manual effort is invaluable and allows platforms to scale for customer success without losing the human touch.

Automatically triggering the right message with the customer depending on where they are in their customer journey enables proactive communications that are personalized.

One way to create personalized automated messages is through order notifications. Once an order has been placed you can send an automated message that includes relevant revenue-generating material such as add-on services, recommendations, and personalized offers.

For example, if you’re an e-commerce platform with a high cart abandonment rate, you can create automatic triggers to recapture the almost lost sale by sending a reminder. Or if you’re a fintech platform, you can send an automated OTP for execution of a transaction.

To reengage a dormant customer or nudge for an upsell you could set an automated time trigger to send out great deals that are personalized and delivered on a customer’s preferred channel.

The building blocks of customer success

Scaling customer success will deliver more value to your customers, not only keeping them satisfied but compelling them to grow their business with you. Build out your customer data, add automations, and meet your customers where they are. You can deliver more value on your customers’ preferred channels – turning them into advocates and increasing referrals.

Our omnichannel communications platform is built to help you supercharge your customer success without losing the human touch.

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Apr 19th, 2022
5 min read

Martina Ivanović

Senior Content Marketing Specialist