3 Tips for choosing the right SMS Service for your Adobe campaign solution

Martina Ivanović

These days SMS is a key component of most omnichannel campaign strategies.

You can’t ignore a messaging channel that has open rates as high as 98%. It seems we just can’t resist having a quick look when our phone buzzes in our pocket.

Like most campaign automation solutions, Adobe Campaign SMS capability is facilitated by third party SMS service providers that link the campaign system to the mobile network. Adobe uses the SMPP protocol to send SMS to a service provider, and they then handle the rest.

The same applies whether you have Adobe Campaign Classic or Standard, and Adobe is happy to connect with any SMS Partner.

But how do you pick the right messaging service provider? And what does ‘right’ actually look like for your business?

In this blog we look at the three main criteria that you should consider when selecting a provider to work with – both now and as you scale up and tap into the digital revolution that is currently taking place.

Industry experience and experience of your industry

While we may have gotten used to filtering out marketing emails, SMS is still considered personal. For marketers, it’s a powerful channel if you get it right. The best way to ensure you’re using SMS to its full potential is to:

  • Choose an SMS provider with a proven track record, that has worked with quality brands like yours and can help you to avoid newbie mistakes.
  • An experienced provider will have a bullet proof security and privacy policy, which will give you peace of mind that your customer data is safe.
  • You may have certain use cases in my mind, but a proven provider will help you to refine them and suggest new ones that you may never have even considered.

Organizations usually start with simple service messages like order confirmations and dispatch notifications, but with the right support they can quickly move onto more innovative Sales and Support workflows, passwordless authentication, and even AI-driven interactions.

Technology and innovation

The SMS provider that you select must get the basics right – speed, security, reliability, and delivery rates that exceed SLAs. You shouldn’t even consider a provider that lets you down on any of these.

But what about getting the best ROI from your SMS integration?

When you find a provider you’re considering, try asking yourself:

  • Do they share your vision of omnichannel communication where SMS fits in seamlessly with your existing channels?
  • Can the provider offer innovative services to create a memorable experience for your customers – data and voice integrations, or AI driven SMS interactions?
  • Are they positioned to spot the next key SMS technology and be agile enough to respond, giving you a competitive advantage as others play catch up?

The human touch

Some integrations promise to be plug and play and if you are lucky, that may be the case. But every business is unique and sometimes we all need a little help to get it just right.

  • Does the provider offer solution and implementation services to help make the process as smooth as possible?
  • Are they a technology company with developers available to tweak your integration so that it meets your needs exactly?
  • Are they a recognized global company with dedicated success managers and support available in your own office hours?

As Adobe states in its own documentation:

Setting up a connection to a new provider requires some technical skills…..It will also require active cooperation with the provider.

Adobe Campaign Implementation Guide

Choose a supplier that not only has the skills, but is happy to help and a pleasure to work with.

Working with Infobip and Adobe

Not all messaging services are created equal. As a recognized market leader in the field of SMS, Infobip has all bases covered:

  • As a partner of Adobe, we have the experience and proven technology to support your Adobe Campaign SMS use cases.
  • Our innovative, tailored solutions are made to fit your business rather than the other way around.
  • With offices in 65+ countries across 6 continents, our experts are here to support your business 24/7 in your local language.

As users of Adobe Campaign, you have invested in a top tier Campaign Solution – make sure your SMS service has the same pedigree.

Infobip collaborates with Adobe to provide connected digital experiences to customers across the globe

Jan 31st, 2022
4 min read

Martina Ivanović