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Convert more leads and personalize your end-to-end customer journey within a single chat app with Infobip’s conversational communication platform.


conversational commerce market growth by 2025


of adults said they were more likely to purchase from a company that they can message


of customers are annoyed of generic, impersonal messages

Shape omnichannel conversational experience

Take your customers on a conversational experience journey


Supporting front line sales 

After seeing a promotion, the customer decides to make a purchase and checks out using the payment link within the chat. 

Loyalty programs 

The customer receives a personalized message with a special offer after creating a profile.

Showcase of products 

The chatbot shares product information and makes recommendations based on the customers’ preferences.

{Consideration and purchase}

Help in-site navigation 

The chatbot shares product information and makes recommendations based on the customers’ preferences.

First-tier support 

The customer inquires about products and store locations.

Lead generation 

The customer shares their information with a chatbot, and details are automatically stored on their profile on the customer data platform.

{Support and scale}

Resolving issues 

A customer asks to change the shipping address with the help of a chatbot.

Seamless agent takeover 

The customer needs more details and is routed to a relevant agent who can support further within the same chat app.

Customized engagement 

Customer receives personalized communication based on their profile and previous interactions.

{Delight and retain}

Promotional campaigns 

The customer interacts with a social media chatbot in order to participate in a prize contest


The company decides to re-engage customers with special offers through relevant messages.

Customer feedback 

The customer is asked to provide feedback about the quality of service. 

Conversational one-stop shop that covers all customer touchpoints 

Conversational marketing

  • Engage your customers in real-time using two-way conversations
  • Promote through your customers’ favorite channels
  • Quickly recommend products and services with a conversational, human-like chatbot
  • Leverage 360-degree views to understand your customers’ behavior and personalize interactions

Conversational support

  • Provide support on your customers’ preferred channels
  • Set up always-on support and quick self-service with a chatbot
  • Use AI to understand customers’ intent and respond accordingly
  • Access full conversation history for a personalized customer experience
  • Automate routing to send conversations to the right agent

Conversational Commerce

  • Provide end-to-end customer journeys using chat apps through a single interface
  • Improve customer satisfaction with a quick, convenient purchase experience
  • Deliver personalized journeys that build trust and brand loyalty
  • Trigger cart abandonment alerts and help customers check out on their preferred channels

Conversational AI

  • Power meaningful dialogue with your customers to help decision-making
  • Increase sales and customer engagement with 24/7 support
  • Better cost efficiency with intelligent chatbots
  • Unburden call center agents by training chatbots to handle FAQ’s and simple tasks
  • Deploy chatbots wherever needed on the customer journey
  • Hyper-personalize campaigns with CDP for tailored content

Simplified business and user journeys enabled within a single conversational platform

Create additional revenue streams by adopting new digital channels and services.

Increase customer satisfaction and loyalty through personalization and always-on customer support.

Provide customers with personalized and timely assistance across their entire purchasing journey.

Increase conversion rates by 2.5x more as compared to purchases on traditional eCommerce platforms.

Reduce customer service costs with automated support through chatbots and live agents.

Improve cart abandonment rates with automatic event triggers and timely communication.

One platform, your entire conversational experience solution

Customer data platform

Collect and unify customer data into a single view so that you can craft personalized journeys.

Customer engagement solution

Centralize customer data to create omnichannel campaigns that boost ROI and customer loyalty.

Chatbot building platform

Integrate chatbots with external solutions to automate customer support, reduce operational costs, and increase lead generation opportunities.

Cloud contact center solution

Deliver personalized support with an improved omnichannel experience to boost agent productivity, and achieve higher customer satisfaction.

Features and Benefits


  • Digital-first
  • Omnichannel
  • Personalization
  • IVR Ability to send multimedia Compliant
  • Integrations
  • A/B testing
  • Send-time optimization
  • Lead scoring
  • Catalogues
  • Forms
  • SMS failover
  • Local CX Consulting

Business benefits

  • A simplified user journey
  • Additional Revenue
  • Increased awareness
  • Increased customer loyalty and retention
  • Improved cart abandonment rates
  • Increased CSAT
  • Reduced customer service costs
  • Increased conversion rates

Conversational experience resources

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