NLB Banka: Increasing sales leads by 30% with a new communication channel


increase in sales leads


increase in response time


Low customer reach and ineffective use of contact center resources

One of the bank’s strategic goals was to increase digital communication activities in line with global banking trends and therefore serve and speak to customers on their preferred channels.

No stranger to mobile marketing, NLB Banka has been usingSMS to communicate with customers since 2012, through Infobip’s secure communications platform. However, considering the popularity of instant messaging platforms in Montenegro, especially Viber, NLB Banka knew that in order to increase customer engagement they needed to expand to new communication channels while maintaining information security.

A secondary goal, linked to customer engagement, was to increase the effectiveness of the sales resources in their contact center.


Next-generation communications that deliver personalized, real-time notifications through Infobip’s communication platform

NLB Banka approached Infobip to take their SMS based communications to the next level and leverage the next generation of messaging via Viber, the most popular rich messaging platform in the region.

As they had been using Infobip’s database integration since 2012, NLB Banka had the foundations to empower chat apps for transactional and event-triggered messaging.

Infobip was a natural fit for their requirements: its rich feature set allowed NLB to send transactional messages to customers, such as account balances and alerts via Viber. In addition, they could also send two-way messages which helped them engage with customers directly. To ensure message delivery, Infobip also offered a failover system, which meant that messages not delivered on Viber were automatically sent via SMS.


Increased customer interactions and achieved a 30% growth in sales leads

With Infobip’s database integration and web-based interface, combined with a dedicated support team, launching Viber as an official communications channel was easy and seamless for NLB Banka.

Two-way messaging was used to promote their “Arrange a Meeting” offer, creating rich two-way conversations with customers, which resulted in a 30% increase of meeting requests when compared to previous campaigns.

NLB Banka ran a campaign promoting special offers for customers who paid with an NLB card, increasing transaction volume by 5-15%, compared to a period when offers were not promoted through messaging campaigns.

Since implementing the Infobip’s solution for Viber messaging, NLB’s sales of certain products have increased by 5 to 15%. Moving forward, the bank plans to expand its use of Infobip’s solutions in campaigns involving push notifications and other channels to improve trial and adoption of digital banking services.

Opening a new communication channel had a positive effect on NLB Banka’s contact center. Following deployment, the number of customer-initiated conversations doubled, even tripled on some occasions, generating quality leads and conversions. Infobip’s solution made Viber an alternative channel for customers to use, quickly and easily, to apply for NLB services or purchase products.

The quality of the solution was confirmed when they only received two complaints out of four million sent messages, and those complaints were caused by external factors.

NLB was extremely satisfied with the cooperation and support provided by Infobip, specifically our response time which was 50% better than their previous solutions provider. They were also very satisfied with the implementation process, describing it as “painless”.

Introducing Viber through Infobip was a great success for our bank. It really influenced our sales results and for some campaigns we increased sales leads by 30%. We are now pioneering the use of chat apps for transactional content. We are also pleased with the 50% increase in response time compared to our previous solution provider. Besides sales results, we can now communicate directly with our clients, in a fast and simple way, wherever they are in the world.

Miraš Đelošević

Head of Sales Network Coordination and Contact Center Unit, NLB Banka

Company profile

NLB Banka

NLB Banka AD Podgorica is part of the NLB Group, and operates across South-East Europe with an especially strong market presence in Montenegro, where they are the leading financial institution. NLB’s customer base in Montenegro includes individuals, corporate clients, and public institutions. A tech-savvy and mobile-first audience, NLB’s customers are busy professionals who frequently use instant messaging platforms. NLB Bank has been working with Infobip since 2012.