Omnilink: Faster customer service and improved efficiency – over a single platform


faster resolution time


Optimize service and support with a multichannel tool that provides development autonomy

To communicate with customers Omnilink used Chat, WhatsApp and phone calls. However, both channels were provided by separate providers.

This caused Omnilink a few critical issues because they couldn’t make any chatbot updates independently.

Having the main communication channels from individual, mutually disconnected providers, kept Omnilink’s agents from providing the type of personalized CX modern customers demand.

All of this came at a very high cost related to the fact that 90% of all queries were made over the phone, while just 10% were sent through other channels, such as WhatsApp. In addition to that, maintaining two separate providers was costly to the company, generating development costs for any changes to the tools.

In view of this, Omnilink began to look for a provider who could unify all channels over a single connection, at a lower cost to offer a solution to efficiently manage their contact center.


Conversations, Answers, Moments and People CDP

Infobip’s omnichannel communication platform ticked all Omnilink’s boxes. For starters, Infobip’s omnichannel platform provides all the digital channels for optimal customer communication. Second, Conversations cloud contact center solution would give Omnilink full control of the digital channels all in one place.

Answers chatbot building platform gave Omnilink the ability to build and update their chatbots across all available digital channels. Moments customer engagement solution and People CDP customer data platform gave Omnilink powerful CX tools.

All this gave Omnilink the ability to improve their business operations and communicate with their customers over WhatsApp, Voice calls, Live Chat, and Google’s Business Messages – all over one service provider. Additionally, Omnilink’s 150 agents were quickly and successfully onboarded to use the following solutions:

Digital communication

Omnilink built WhatsApp and Live Chat chatbots with Answers.

Customers visiting the site could engage the chatbot on their desired channel by selecting one of the two widgets.

The chatbot can help customers with signal mirroring, service activation, support, sales, scheduling an installation, password recovery, etc.

Existing customers could enter their customer ID and select relevant service options before being directed to a sector-specific queue where they could further talk with an agent using Conversations.

This self-service model boosted agent efficiency while also reducing wait times. Some processes, such as password reset, were automated with the WhatsApp chatbot. Additionally, a rule was created for the certain top 40 customers who would have priority engaging agents.

Omnilink also added Google Business Messages to their contact center. This enables agents to address incoming customer support queries over Google search.

Communication over calls

Customers could also call Omnilink support over the phone. Omnilink built a self-service Interactive Voice Response (IVR) with Moments and automated calls with tree options. Now customers can take care of most issues on their own, while agents can seamlessly take over higher-level customer service queries.

All customer data from both new and existing customers is stored using Infobip’s People customer data platform, which is integrated with Omnilink’s CRM and logistics system. This quickly validates the information customers provide when contacting support.

Some 150 agents were quickly onboarded and are succesfully using the Infobip platform.


Faster support, higher customer satisfaction, optimized workloads, improved supervision, and lower costs

Self-service customer support over chatbots and IVR accelerated customer service. The most significant improvement was spotted in scheduling over WhatsApp. Here, average session times were slashed from 24 hours to 10 minutes, for 144x faster resolution time.

Additionally, the improved session time, average waiting time and reduction in calls missed led to higher agent productivity.

Now agents have all channel data, conversation context, and history in one solution, helping them to provide support faster than ever.

Infobips solution also gave supervisors monitoring tools that Omnilink used to contract with a third-party provider. With these in place, an internal team could track data over the Infobip platform which improved management capabilities and communication centralization – at a far lower cost.

These tools helped track productivity per queue, per agent, per channel – and helped set up an incentive scheme for agents.

Moving to Infobip helped us take full control of our contact center. Conversations let us efficiently manage our contact center from top to bottom. Answers and Moments helped us improve agent efficiency by custom building and fully automating customer self-service support over WhatsApp, Live Chat, Google’s Business Messages, and Voice calls.

The faster resolution resulted in a remarkable customer satisfaction improvement. In fact, we were able to accelerate our resolution time by 144x! And thanks to People, we’ve been able to provide highly personalized customer service and thoroughly improve the customer experience.

Dayse Ponce Ferreira Lepore

Service and Technical Support Manager, Omnilink

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