Revolutionizing CX with the power of conversational commerce

Download our Infobrief “Revolutionizing customer experience through the power of conversational commerce”, written in collaboration with IDC. Explore the transformative potential of conversational commerce platforms and their impact on customer experience (CX) innovation.   

The next era of customer experience innovation 

In a rapidly changing world, customer experience has emerged as a key competitive differentiator. This Infobrief delves into the next era of CX innovation, where brands go beyond transactional-level experiences and focus on relationship-based interactions. By delivering customer value and aligning with trusted customer preferences, businesses can forge deeper connections and foster loyalty. 


of APAC businesses are set to adopt a customer data platform as the enterprise customer data service for real-time customer interactions by 2024


is the expected increase in CX metrics and revenue post adopting a customer data platform 


of businesses in the APAC region will use use artificial intelligence to elevate contextual and novel experiences that improve sentiment metrics and upselling opportunities 

The rising role of conversational commerce 

Digital-native customers today have higher expectations than ever before. They seek greater value, memorable experiences, and control over how they engage with brands. Conversational commerce platforms with omnichannel communication capabilities play a pivotal role in meeting these demands. This Infobrief explores how businesses can leverage conversational commerce to deliver superior and contextualized customer experiences. 

The Infobrief covers the following topics: 

  • Understanding conversational commerce: Learn about the concept of conversational commerce and its significance in the modern CX ecosystem. Discover how businesses can leverage conversational channels such as voice, text, video, instant messaging, and social media to engage customers in real-time. 
  • Powering conversational experiences with CPaaS: Communication Platform as a Service (CPaaS) is the foundational building block of conversational commerce. Discover how CPaaS enables businesses to embed real-time communication features into their applications using developer-friendly APIs. Explore how CPaaS empowers organizations to deliver personalized, omnichannel experiences that meet the demands of today’s customers. 
  • Getting started with conversational commerce: This Infobrief provides guidance on how businesses can embark on their journey towards customer-centric business resilience. Learn practical steps and best practices to implement conversational commerce successfully and align it with your overall CX strategy. 

Download our Infobrief and gain valuable insights that will help you unlock the full potential of conversational commerce for your business. Don’t miss this opportunity to stay ahead in the evolving landscape of customer experience. 

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