Slush is the focal point for Eurasian startups and tech talent to meet with top-tier international investors, executives and media. Infobip experts will be on hand to offer guidance and consultation regarding high-end SMS services and next gen app engagement solutions and SMS-based 2-Factor Authentication, which is increasingly adopted by online businesses to protect their customers’ accounts.

Learn more about our Social Invites, our cost-effective app referral solution and how you can improve on user verficiation and security with our SMS based 2-Factor Authentication. With Infobip, you can simply eliminate friction when it comes to user app downloads by taking him directly to your app download, resulting with less decision making and boosting conversion rates. Speak directly to Dragan Maga, our regional expert, to get first-hand information for your business!

Remember, we have plenty more things on offer, such as our web widget as well as an option to distribute and monetise your mobile games in Japan's lucrative market with our  ¥Coins virtual currency so don't forget to say hi.