While providing its Services, INFOBIP may process personal data of individuals on the behalf of its Customers, and for the sole purpose of providing INFOBIP Services to the Customers. That can be the personal data of the Customers' employees or the Customers' end-users (hereinafter referred to as: Customer Personal Data).

For the purposes of providing the Customers with INFOBIP Services, INFOBIP sometimes usessub-processors, who assist in providing the Services, or who may otherwise have access to the data stored within the INFOBIP platform. You can find an up-to date list of them below.

Service Specific Sub-processors

INFOBIP sometimes uses third parties to provide specific functionalities within the INFOBIP Services. In order to provide the relevant functionalities, these third parties (sub-processors) could have access to Customer Personal Data:


Purpose for the sub-processing

Sub-processing location

Zendesk ltd.

Provision of cloud-based customer service software and support ticketing system /help desk solution.


Amazon Web Services, Inc

Providing cloud hosting for various services - data analysis, email campaigns, proxying and balancing for whitelabel customers. Includes auxiliary utilities such as DNS, monitoring and support.


Other Sub-processors

sFor the collection and processing of Customer Personal Data (contact details of Customer’s employees and Customer’s representatives) INFOBIP uses sub-processors:


Purpose for the sub-processing

Sub-processing location Inc.

Provision of CRM platform to INFOBIP.


Oracle Corporation

Provision of marketing platform to INFOBIP.


Affiliated companies:

INFOBIP is a UK based company and our main processing facilities are located within the European Union. For all Customers that would like to have their Personal Data stored within the European Union, INFOBIP is able to ensure that.

Unless otherwise agreed upon with the Customer in writing (whenever the Customer requires it), INFOBIP shall ensure that the Customer's Personal Data is stored and processed at the processing systems located in INFOBIP data centres within the European Union. Our main data center is located in Frankfurt, Germany. Any transfer of Personal Data to INFOBIP’s data centres located outside the European Union or the European Economic Area (EEA) can be made only upon such an explicit instruction of the Customer.

INFOBIP is a global company and it is possible that employees from our affiliated companies have access to Customer Personal Data. Namely, INFOBIP is able to offer its Customers technical support by operating a 24/7 "follow the sun" support model that leverages its support engineers in countries where INFOBIP operates.

This means that although INFOBIP will not move Customerʼs Personal Data into another jurisdiction, sometimes INFOBIP will provide Customer support from outside the European Union. INFOBIP will always ensure that intercompany processing of personal data is in line with the applicable data protection laws, including GDPR. When the performance of the Services involves a transfer of personal data outside the European Economic Area (EEA), INFOBIP will take the required steps to ensure there is adequate protection for such personal data. This will be done in accordance with Articles 44 to 49 of the GDPR, which may include entering into the Standard Contractual Clauses set out in the European Commission’s Decision 2010/87/EU.

Complete list of our affiliated companies you can find here

Other sub-contractors:

INFOBIP sometimes uses certain subcontractors to assist in the operations necessary to provide the INFOBIP Services. Below is the list of our sub-contractors that provide us with data centre hosting services, but such sub-contractors do not have access to any data within our processing systems, e.g. they are not sub-processors of Customer Personal Data.


Purpose for the sub-contracting

Location of data center

Equinix (Germany) GmbH

Provision of data center hosting services.

Frankfurt, Germany

Altus IT d.o.o. (Croatia)

Provision of data center hosting services.

Zagreb, Croatia

Equinix do Brasil Soluções em Tecnologia em Informática LTDA. (Brasil)

Provision of data center hosting services.

Sao Paolo, Brazil

Equinix Hong Kong Limited (China)

Provision of data center hosting services.

Hong Kong, China

Net Magic IT Services Private Ltd (India)

Provision of data center hosting services.

Mumbai, India

Viettel - CHT Company Limited (Vietnam)

Provision of data center hosting services.

Hanoi, Vietnam

Big Band Sdn Bhd (Malaysia)

Provision of data center hosting services.

Kuala Lumpur, Malesia

Stack.M1 (Russia)

Provision of data center hosting services.

Moscow, Russia

Other sub-processors and recipients of Customer Personal Data

Please also read the INFOBIP Privacy Policy to see other categories of the recipients of Customer Personal Data.

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