What is AIML (artificial intelligence markup language)?

AIML, or artificial intelligence markup language, is an XML dialect developers use to create natural language software agents commonly used in chatbots.

They contain a collection of rules defining chatbots’ conversational capabilities and are used in conjunction with a linguistic communication understating processor, which takes AIML rules to investigate and reply to text queries. The more rules added to AIML, the more intelligent a chatbot becomes.

AIML-based chatbots come under the rule-based chatbot category. However, some level of self-learning is involved, and the language used acts as the chatbot’s brain. One chatbot can have multiple sets of AIML, making them behave differently.

What is AIML used for?

AIML is a versatile language used to create natural language software agents like chatbots, virtual assistants, and other forms of artificial intelligence software.

Dec 10th, 2021
1 min read

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