What is a Blocklist?

Blocklist, also known as blacklist, is an admittance control system that prevents access to a categoric list (or other defined range) of users, programs, or networks.

Through blocklists in promotional campaigns, companies give an option to the end customer not to receive irrelevant messages. Some countries require an opt-out inside every SMS message.

Customers can willingly opt-in to receive your emails because they are interested in your products or services. Adding an opt-out feature allows the user choice.

How to avoid getting blocklisted?

To avoid getting blocklisted, try:

  • Making the emails relevant to recipients
  • Use verified email lists
  • Do not buy or download lists
  • Update your mailing list regularly
  • Use email verification
  • Do not overdo the volume of emails
  • Using proper formatting and spelling

What is the difference between a Blocklist and a Do Not Disturb (DND) list?

When users entirely opt-out of receiving marketing communication, they are added to the blocklist. On the other hand, if they temporarily mute communication, they are added to the Do Not Disturb list.

Brands can offer flexibility in their customer preferences with options like ‘mute for 30 days’ or allowing customers to choose the types of communication they receive. This then helps to reduce opt-outs and churn rates.

Jan 6th, 2022
1 min read

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