What is mobile identity?

Mobile identity is a verification solution with several real-time identification and authorization services.

It enables improved UX and a more robust authentication layer to protect online transactions for user-facing applications and websites on mobile.

It can be integrated with applications through rich APIs. Mobile Identity services require a mobile data connection to work.

Mobile Network Operators can access various user data, which can be leveraged to verify your users. Mobile Identity processes data from Mobile Network Operators’ such as the mobile phone number (MSISDN), first name, last name, address, gender, and other attributes like location and device type. Mobile Identity requires user consent to work and complies with various security standards, such as GDPR – no data is stored, only processed to enable user verification.

How do Mobile ID apps work?

Mobile ID apps improve security in digital transactions by replacing traditional username-password combinations. This allows users to verify their identity through fingerprint scans, facial recognition, or iris scans. This adds a new layer of protection against cyber-attacks by verifying a user’s identity before logging in.

Jan 6th, 2022
1 min read

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