What is media message template?

Media message template is a message format that you can repeatedly use to send messages to users once they have given the app permission to send them messages.

Media message templates are formatted messages on WhatsApp that integrate media into standard message templates. These templates are used by businesses through WhatsApp Business API to send detailed notifications to customers.

Companies can share images, documents, videos, or locations as attachments to an informative message to provide additional relevant information.

They are used by businesses across any vertical and at any stage of the customer journey. Retail brands, on-demand companies, airlines, and financial institutions can use media message templates to share:

  • Boarding passes 
  • Onboarding videos 
  • Loan information 
  • Product images 
  • And more 

Before media message templates, businesses would have to send multiple messages to share all relevant information. Now, all relevant information can be delivered in a single message – creating a better customer experience across the customer journey.

What is the difference between WhatsApp session message and template message?

WhatsApp template message is a template message that is pre-approved and can be used repeatedly, while WhatsApp session messages are replies sent to customers within a 24-hour window.

Jun 9th, 2021
1 min read

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