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How to choose an RCS Business Messaging provider?

The right RCS Business Messaging provider makes all the difference. Discover what to look for to ensure your messages deliver maximum impact.

How to get started with RCS Business Messaging

Now that you know everything about RCS Business Messaging, you’re ready to create successful campaigns and drastically increase engagement with your customers.

Choosing the most capable RCS provider will help you build the right use cases for your customers, reach your KPIs, and boost engagement.

When looking at the stats from our Messaging trends report, Infobip’s customers are ahead of the curve.

  • 358% total global growth in RCS Business Messaging messages on the Infobip platform in 2023

Countries that already had high RCS Business Messaging adoption rates that grew strongly in 2023 include:

  • Brazil – 16X
  • France – 6X
  • Mexico 47%
  • Poland – 185%
  • Spain – 26X
  • UK – 25X

Here’s how Infobip can help you embrace new opportunities with RCS Business Messaging

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