RCS Business Messaging for retail & eCommerce

Retail and eCommerce businesses can use RCS Business Messaging to enhance customer experience, increase conversion rates, and generate more revenue. Learn how.

Traditional forms of automated messaging leave shoppers frustrated


feel bothered by generic marketing spam and expect personalization


are frustrated by receiving inaccurate or nonrelevant messages

Five ways RCS Business Messaging is improving retail & eCommerce experience

  1. Personalized product recommendations: RCS Business Messaging allows visually rich product carousels and suggested replies. Businesses can tailor offers based on browsing history or previous purchases, increasing the likelihood of a sale.
  2. Seamless order support: Customers can receive real-time order updates with images, track shipments, and even manage returns or exchanges directly within RCS Business Messaging conversations. Convenient and efficient!
  3. Interactive promotions: Send eye-catching coupons, flash sale announcements, and loyalty program updates with high-quality images and GIFs.
  4. Conversational customer service: Answer product questions, provide styling advice, or help find the right item through RBM’s conversational interface. It’s like having a personal shopper in your messaging inbox.
  5. Post-purchase engagement: RCS Business Messaging enables proactive order follow-ups, requests for product reviews (with image/video capability), and even offers for complementary products. This helps build long-term customer relationships.

Create retail conversational journeys over RCS Business Messaging

Promote new products or services

Promote and inform on loyalty offers

Provide guided unboxing or setup process

Send back-in-stock alerts and cart abandonment notifications

Offer seasonal promotions

Manage subscriptions or repeat purchases

Send e-policy renewal reminders

Send order confirmations, delivery information, and issue e-receipts

Automate new account creation

Assist in the search for nearby stores

Send shopper satisfaction surveys

Deliver security codes and authenticate transactions