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RCS Business Messaging for healthcare

Healthcare providers can use RCS Business Messaging to improve patient care, streamline operations, and foster stronger patient-provider relationships. Learn how.


reduction in missed appointments after implementing appointment reminders sent via messaging channels


increase in patient satisfaction levels when effectively utilizing digital interactions

Five ways RCS Business Messaging is improving the healthcare experience

  1. Simplified appointment scheduling: Patients can book appointments directly within RCS Business Messaging conversations. Interactive calendars and suggested time slots make the process both convenient and efficient.
  2. Efficient pre-visit communication: Send appointment reminders, intake forms, and pre-visit instructions with clear visuals and instructions, minimizing confusion and saving time.
  3. Accessible test result delivery: Deliver lab results securely with easy-to-understand explanations and embedded visuals. Patients can ask clarifying questions and feel more informed.
  4. Streamlined prescription management: Facilitate easy prescription refills and reminders, improving medication adherence. Pharmacies can even coordinate delivery options via RCS Business Messaging.
  5. Enhanced patient education: Share reliable health information, preventative care reminders, and post-procedure follow-up instructions with rich media (images, videos) for better comprehension.

Create healthcare conversational journeys over RCS Business Messaging

Educate the patient on the next steps

Automate appointment reminders

Send wellbeing messages for patient retention

Automate post-appointment surveys

Re-engage no-shows

Automate recurring appointments

Automate post-diagnosis notes & suggestions

Answer common medication FAQs

Provide pre-operation steps