RCS Business Messaging for telecommunications

Telecom providers can use RCS Business Messaging to boost customer satisfaction, streamline support, and open new revenue streams. Learn how.


of telecom customers unhappy with
service quality churned to a competitor


of surveyed customers reported that they canceled a phone, internet, TV or cable contract with a company due to the quality of customer service they received

Five ways RCS Business Messaging is improving the telecom experience

  1. Enhanced customer support: RCS Business Messaging allows quicker, more interactive troubleshooting with features like screen sharing, rich media for explaining solutions, and seamless transfer to live agents when needed. This reduces frustration and improves problem resolution.
  2. Proactive service updates: Telecoms can send outage alerts, maintenance notifications, and even neighborhood-specific upgrade announcements with location sharing and clear visuals. This improves transparency and customer satisfaction.
  3. Frictionless billing and payments: Send easy-to-understand invoices with payment options directly within RCS Business Messaging. Clear breakdowns and integrated payment gateways make it easier for customers to manage their accounts.
  4. Streamlined plan and upgrade selection: Use carousels and interactive guides to present new plans, device options, or add-on services. Customers can browse, compare, and make informed decisions within the messaging interface.
  5. Personalized promotions: Offer targeted promotions, loyalty rewards, and exclusive deals based on usage patterns with engaging visuals. Create a more tailored experience that leads to increased engagement.

Create telecom conversational journeys over RCS Business Messaging

Send CSAT surveys

Notify customers about business changes

Assist in the sign-up process

Offer secure in-chat payments

Send welcome messages

Provide interactive bill breakdowns

Build loyalty programs

Send proactive reminders

Send interactive ads

Notify customers of expiring subscriptions

Upsell new data plan

Offer a seamless renewal process