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RCS Business Messaging for travel & tourism

Travel and tourism companies can use RCS Business Messaging to elevate the traveler experience, increase bookings, and foster brand loyalty. Learn how.


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of consumers say that personalized service from a travel brand is more important to them than personalized marketing

Five ways RCS Business Messaging is improving the travel and tourism experience

  1. Personalized trip planning: Travel agents and tour operators can use RCS Business Messaging to share visually appealing destination guides, hotel carousels, and itinerary suggestions. Customers can respond with preferences, making the planning process interactive and tailored.
  2. Seamless booking and updates: RCS Business Messaging enables direct flight or accommodation bookings within the messaging interface. Customers receive dynamic updates on flight delays, gate changes, or room availability with clear visuals.
  3. Enriched destination exploration: Send location pins, interactive maps, and high-quality images of points of interest. Customers can ask questions and get real-time recommendations, enhancing their travel experience.
  4. Proactive customer service: Address travel disruptions, lost luggage, or other unforeseen issues with quick and efficient two-way communication through RCS Business Messaging. This reduces stress and improves customer satisfaction.
  5. Creative marketing strategies: Send vibrant videos of destinations, special offers on tours, or “insider tips” carousels. RCS Business Messaging creates an engaging promotional space that stands out from plain text messages.

Create travel and tourism conversational journeys over RCS Business Messaging

Offer secure in-chat booking

Create immersive destination showcases

Promote and inform on loyalty offers

Send proactive travel updates

Offer personalized trip suggestions

Deliver in-depth destination guides

Send feedback surveys

Offer seamless search and comparison

Send e-receipts for bookings