RCS Business Messaging for the finance industry

BFSI institutions can use RCS Business Messaging to transform customer experiences, boost engagement, and solidify client trust. Learn how.


of consumers are looking for their banks to offer them personalized financial advice


are satisfied with the level of personalization

Five ways RCS Business Messaging is improving the banking experience

  1. Improved customer service: RCS Business Messaging enables quick, interactive conversations. Customers can resolve queries, get account updates, and receive personalized support directly within their messaging app.
  2. Secure communication: Verified business profiles and reduced spam potential build trust, which is crucial for banking interactions.
  3. Proactive notifications: Banks can deliver fraud alerts, balance updates, payment reminders, and appointment confirmations with richer visuals and clear call-to-action buttons.
  4. Streamlined processes: RCS Business Messaging can facilitate loan applications, document sharing, and appointment scheduling with carousels, suggested replies, and integrated chatbots.
  5. Personalized marketing: RCS Business Messaging allows banks to send targeted offers, new product announcements, and financial education content with eye-catching visuals that resonate with your customers.

Create banking conversational journeys over RCS Business Messaging

Send relevant banking products and services updates

Electronic Know Your Customer

Assist in the search for nearby branches

Promote and inform on loyalty offers

Provide self-service contact information updates

Highlight and manage FAQs

Automate new account creation

Send e-policy renewal reminders

Deliver security codes and authenticate transactions

Offer appointment booking

Provide support during facilitation or financing

Send new service recommendations