Centili for Android: In-app purchase library now weighs only 50kb

Kristijan Barlek

Infobip’s carrier billing solution Centili reduced its Android in app payments library to 50 kB only, to allow an even smoother integration with Android apps. This is currently the smallest SDK on the market to power in-app payments for Android.

SDK size cannot be overlooked by developers who seek to monetise without adding unnecessary weight to their apps. Adding 1 MB vs adding 50 kB can make a huge difference when trying to optimise the app for older types of smartphones, which sometimes allow users to run only a limited number of apps.

Announced earlier this month, the improvement means more opportunities for a better payments experience, quicker loading times and ultimately, better conversion. Read more on Centili website or check the Android library.

Mar 30th, 2015
1 min read

Kristijan Barlek