Infobip delivers one third of all A2P SMS traffic across India

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Zoha Tapia

Content Marketing Team Lead

Mumbai, 02 November 2017 – Infobip, the global communications platform for business, today announced that it has been delivering four billion A2P SMS per month across India since the start of this year, 30 percent of all A2P traffic in the region. Infobip has seen the surge in demand for A2P SMS driven by adoption of the technology by businesses in the finance and retail sectors.

Infobip launched into the Indian marketplace in 2014 and has since seen SMS traffic across its platform increase exponentially. The company handles A2P SMS traffic from all mobile operators in Asia’s third largest country and provides services for the rapidly growing number of enterprises across the region.

“Banking in India has been transformed by the mobile payments revolution, with consumers and business able to make and confirm transactions easily and securely via SMS,” said Harsha Solanki, Managing Director for India, at Infobip. “As a result, a large number of banks across India have established service partnerships for A2P messaging, enabling them to authorize payments and send notifications to their customers.

“Infobip is also witnessing a boom in demand for A2P SMS in the retail sector, accounting for large volumes of e-commerce transactions. The technology has been embraced by major brands such as Amazon and eBay. All of this activity accounts for the significant increase in A2P SMS traffic that Infobip has experienced over the last year,” she added.

Infobip’s A2P SMS Business-as-a-Service solution has been adopted by three major Indian operators. This includes Aircel, India’s fifth largest operator, which Infobip started working with in July 2015 and is now transmitting millions of SMS for the company every month. Infobip is working with operators to support their communications operations, engage with subscribers, and provide wholesale SMS support for their enterprise customers.

Infobip expects a greater demand for its services, particularly with the availability of its OMNI communications solution, which launched globally in February this year. Enterprises and communications service providers want a consistent, high-quality messaging experience across all of their communications channels, including SMS, email or chat apps like Facebook Messenger and Viber. OMNI delivers this in a single, cloud-based platform, servicing the specific messaging needs of the market.

“The demand for A2P SMS traffic is showing no signs of slowing down, combined with interest in OMNI messaging support, India will continue to be a growth market for Infobip,” said Silvio Kutic, Infobip founder and CEO. “With Infobip’s presence expanding across India, it is exciting to see the different use cases and services we provide to local enterprises and operators, helping to drive their businesses.”

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Content Marketing Team Lead

Zoha Tapia

Content Marketing Team Lead