Infobip named best A2P SMS provider

Kristijan Barlek

Capacity Media’s inaugural Messaging and SMS World Awards saw our company lift the Best A2P SMS Provider award for 2015.

The award ceremony, which celebrates innovation, leading customer solutions and excellence in global messaging, was held in London, United Kingdom on 1 December, 2015. Our established industry standing, fresh Business-as-a-Service approach to operator partnerships, and upcoming innovative products were what enabled the company to triumph among a group of esteemed industry peers.

We’re delighted to receive this Capacity award as recognition of our dedication to technical excellence and care for our clients and partners. Infobip is proud to represent the benchmark for outstanding performance throughout the A2P SMS messaging marketplace. To us, the award also serves as a testament to the value the industry places on the Business-as-a-Service model, which inspires us to continue searching for further such breakthroughs and keep pushing the boundaries of service quality

Silvio Kutic – Infobip’s founder and CEO

Over 300 technical staff, including developers, integrators and support personnel enable us to use our global network coverage and client portfolio to provide high quality A2P messaging solutions, open up new business opportunities and meet the communications needs of enterprises worldwide.

Oct 27th, 2022
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Kristijan Barlek