New in Conversations and Answers: Channels, Mobile App, and Other Improvements

Content Marketing Team Lead

Zoha Tapia

Content Marketing Team Lead

We’ve added new features, channels, and advanced capabilities to Conversations – our cloud contact center solution and advanced channel improvements and AI capabilities to Answers – our chatbot building platform. Read on to learn how these new additions can improve your business operations and results.

What’s new in Conversations

Channel updates

We’ve added KakaoTalk to our cloud contact center solution!

With over 52 million active users worldwide, KakaoTalk is one of the most popular mobile messaging apps in South Korea. Now, you can add this channel to your contact center and manage customer queries on KakaoTalk alongside all other channels including live chat, email, chat apps, and calls. Offer always-on customer support and deliver connected customer experiences through all stages of the customer journey, on the digital channel your customers love!

We’ve also enhanced our existing digital channels portfolio.

New content types are supported on Instagram, such as stickers, quick replies, story replies, audio, and video files – as well as WhatsApp, including interactive buttons and lists.

You’ll also find enhanced recording capabilities for calls, such as recording only audio from video calls to lower your storage costs. The new callback option allows customers to request a callback rather than wait on hold in cases of extended wait times or when the customer calls outside of business hours. The callback option improves both customer and agent satisfaction, positively impacting abandon rates and average wait times.

Agent productivity

Our effort to improve agent experience and performance continues. Among other changes, we added Email templates. This will allow managers to predefine a set of replies, categorize them, and let agents resolve repetitive queries in a few clicks – so they can focus on more complex ones.

We’re also introducing the early access phase for service-level agreement (SLA). SLA, available on request for Conversations enterprise clients, will allow you to track the conversation SLA for your customers, improve service quality, and focus on the most important conversations based on the severity of the issue.

Mobile App

To enable agents and supervisors to have a full overview of conversations, we’ve added a new sidebar that lets you easily switch between main views and access the All Work view quickly. We also added the option for agents to pick up phone calls, transfer calls to other agents, wrap up calls, and much more – increasing successful real-time calls with clients. This will bring your agents and managers extra flexibility while allowing them to work from anywhere.

Improvements for managers

Having real-time analytics at your disposal is crucial for managers to have a real picture of how their contact center is performing, spot bottlenecks, and act on time. We introduced the Right Now dashboard to Conversations Analytics to enable a unified overview of all current happenings on a single page. Widgets that show the current state have been removed from the overview, channels, queues, and tags dashboards and instead have been unified in this new single dashboard.

Finally, we have renamed the existing Resolution time to Total resolution time . This was done to differentiate the two, where the Total resolution time tracks the entire conversation from start to finish, including the agent, chatbot, and the unassigned time spent. The Resolution time portion is tied to the Total resolution time, but it doesn’t count in the chatbot time.

Track all new Conversations features and improvements in the official Release Notes.

What’s new in Answers

Chatbots are becoming more and more important as many companies are going through digitalization because of ever more demanding customers who require excellent experience. To help companies reach their customers and provide optimal CX we have improved our chatbot building platform with the following channels and features.

Instagram Messaging

Instagram is the fourth largest social media platform, and because 70% of shoppers use Instagram for new product discovery, it was a long-awaited channel for Answers. Now you can set up a chatbot on Instagram to send various content formats, including images and stickers, alongside text. Quick replies enable the users to simply tap on the desired reply which makes the experience of interacting with a chatbot even more smooth.

New features on WhatsApp

WhatsApp is the world’s most popular messaging app, and it’s no surprise that a lot of companies use it to communicate with their customers. Since many chatbots have made this channel their home as well, we are always looking for ways to improve them with new features. We’ve added many new WhatsApp features for your chatbot including reply buttons, stickers, and list messages.

Track all new Answers features and improvements in the official  Release Notes

Oct 18th, 2021
4 min read
Content Marketing Team Lead

Zoha Tapia

Content Marketing Team Lead