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Our CEO, Silvio Kutic, sat down with Aamir Ibrahim, CEO at Jazz, to discuss how our partnership revolutionizes digital interactions between brands and Pakistan’s youth.

Martina Ivanović

Digital transformation and conversational experiences have taken shape across the globe. It can, however, look different from region to region – or country to country. 

Brands in countries and regions accustomed to modern solutions are adapting the latest trends in AI and cloud technology to expand their existing conversational model. While others are just entering the space with new channels and digital solutions. 

Telcos play an integral role in enabling these channels and technologies for brands within their region. Leveraging a global cloud communication provider can help them combine the power of local expertise and connection with widespread CPaaS technology and use cases. 

Our CEO, Silvio Kutic, sat down with Jazz Pakistan’s CEO, Aamir Ibrahim, to share the various ways our telco/CPaaS partnership is accelerating digital transformation for brands within the region. Watch the video or read on to learn more. 

How telco and CPaaS partnerships accelerate digital transformation

There is currently a digital divide within the country that needs to be reduced, with only 50% of Pakistan’s population using smartphones. We can expect this to change as the population of youth increases and these consumers turn to their smartphones for everyday activities through mobile apps, email, and social media platforms.

The digital revolution still has to happen in Pakistan. And as young consumers develop with new channels and devices, we can anticipate they will use them in every aspect such as receiving education through edtech and banking through fintech.

Aamir Ibrahim

CEO, Jazz

With the rise of conversational experiences on customers’ favorite channels, it will become increasingly important for brands in all regions to be present with automated, personalized solutions. Channels such as WhatsApp, RCS, and Viber, in combination with SMS, Email, and mobile apps, will be the go-to approach for delivering end-to-end experiences. Then building on top of these channels with cloud technology, including chatbots, AI, customer data platforms, and cloud contact centers, will help brands anticipate and deliver what customers want at the right time and in the right spaces.

A strong telco and CPaaS partnership enables brands within the region to develop the end-to-end experiences this new customer segment will come to expect. Telcos own the accessibility aspect of devices and connection among consumers. While embedding a cloud communications platform into their existing offering helps them enable B2B and B2C brands to use these various channels and technologies as part of a wider omnichannel strategy – minimizing siloed and fragmented customer experiences. 

In fact, Jazz leads by example, having experienced the benefits of this first-hand. With an initial goal to minimize this digital divide, Jazz wanted to provide digitalized customer care through a self-serve channel using CPaaS solutions. They first used Infobip’s platform to offer WhatsApp as a self-service option to their own postpaid customers, enabling them to complete daily activities through their favorite app. 

After experiencing riveting results, including a 32% cost reduction and a Net Promoter Score of 80/100, they decided to partner with us to enhance their offerings as a digital operator – enabling enterprises and SMEs to combine the forces of global communication solutions with a fast, reliable network. 

Combining the local expertise of a telco with the experience of a global CPaaS provider results in innovations that address future expectations, the best use cases for the market, and how to make engagement for customers across industries faster and more personalized. 

We need to make sure that we have solutions which can think ahead of time.

Aamir Ibrahim

CEO, Jazz

The benefits for local brands

Gartner predicts that by 2026, 90% of enterprises will use CPaaS technology. 

And with today’s drag-and-drop solutions available on the market, enterprises of all sizes can use CPaaS technology regardless of their experience level. They can choose to start with simple use cases, such as transactional alerts and promotional campaigns – then later add on smart technology such as chatbots and AI to turn one-way communication into two-way, engaging conversations. 

The telco relationship with the customer was when somebody wanted to call an agent – which is only 30 minutes of engagement every day. Enabling brands to set up conversational experiences with rich media and messaging apps opens the opportunity to engage customers 1440 minutes a day – through video, messaging, and more. 

Aamir Ibrahim

CEO, Jazz 

The goal of any successful communications strategy is to connect with customers better, faster, and cost-effectively – which is what telco and CPaaS partnerships enable enterprises to do. As the use of technology grows, so does the number of enterprises implementing this technology and its variety of use cases – which means opportunities within the market are growing as well. 

Technology is evolving at an equal pace as consumer preferences – which is why we aim to work with Jazz to introduce new use cases and create one technology based on the preferences of the Pakistani market.

Silvio Kutić

CEO, Infobip

Combining the power of a fast network with the world’s most popular channels through easy-to-use, affordable technology enables enterprises to digitally interact with their customers – be it for marketing, sales, customer service, or any other point in the customer journey.

Jazz and Infobip: A long term partnership

Combining global experience with local expertise enables us to build a better ecosystem for brands within the region. Learning from success stories in different parts of the world helps Infobip and Jazz develop a strategic plan that enables various types of services for brands looking to adopt a customer-centric approach.

Most mobile telcos look for creative ways to grow their relevance, engagement with customers, and revenue. All three of these aspects merge with our partnership – now and in the future.

Silvio Kutić

CEO, Infobip

As the first MNO in Pakistan to implement a CPaaS platform and launch a cloud data center, Jazz has been able to power the digital transformation and future of communication for brands within the region. Through Infobip, Jazz can offer brands a secure, localized, and scalable customer engagement solution with their customers’ favorite channels – improving the experience of their enterprise and small business clients.

We look forward to expanding these offerings with new channels and technologies as they become available – continuing to meet the demands of consumers as they evolve over time.

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Jun 23rd, 2023
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