Why Infobip is the ideal telco partner

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Zoha Tapia

Content Marketing Team Lead

Telcos have countless opportunities to add customer value, deliver business efficiencies, monetize core networks, and automate engagement. This enables them to add customer value and deliver business efficiencies resulting in new revenue streams. 

Finding a partner that can help you make these marginal gains can change the trajectory of your business.

In the face of market pressures and competition from digital rivals, telcos are no longer enjoying the hyper growth and outright supremacy they enjoyed ten years ago. But, excitingly, the glory years for the telco industry now look set to return.

Mobile network operators from across the world are starting to supercharge their revenues and margins – thanks to emerging new technologies, business models and technology partnerships.

Transformative opportunities

Digital transformation of customer service is already benefitting telcos on two fronts:

  1. Engagement automation technology is being rolled out to transform relationships with consumers – improving customer experience and generating business-changing efficiencies.
  2. Ability to capitalize on their unrivaled position as a communications leader to sell these new automation technologies to business customers too.

Capitalizing on these different opportunities might sound like years of work. But business- changing results are being achieved in months by some of them. Their secret? Teaming up with a trusted telco partner and customer engagement innovator that understands the market, sees the opportunities lying dormant, and can act as a co-guardian of the A2P messaging ecosystem. Thereby, securely bridging relationships between MNOs and enterprises.

Monetization on multiple fronts

That’s where Infobip comes in. We are in a unique position to help telcos such as yourself innovate communications, grow and monetize on multiple fronts

Partnering with us benefits telcos with a new era of automated customer interactions. Our one-stop cloud communications platform gives you access to every channel, solution, and tool required to build and orchestrate unlimited numbers of friction-free interactions and multi-touch journeys with customers. 

Chatbots, a wide range of mobile verification and security solutions, and any voice or business mobile messaging channel can be accessed via API or as part of our all-in-one customer engagement and cloud contact center solution.

This is a huge opportunity to transform the customer service you offer to enterprises and small businesses.

Unlock digital revenue streams

By partnering with us, you can sell these solutions to business customers – alongside your network offer or bundled as packages. Some of the telcos we work with are already doing this successfully. 

Thanks to its comprehensive product stack, Infobip provides all communication channels, as well as a scalable SaaS platform that is suitable for businesses of any size. This collaboration gives us access to cutting-edge technology within a strategic market such as omnichannel CX. The technology allows crossing limits and boundaries, as it adapts to customers purchasing preferences (e-commerce or in-store) and ensures transparency and trust by providing consistent information across digital and physical touchpoints, as well as integrated CRM systems.

Elena Innocenti, Vodafone Business Italy’s Marketing Manager for Digital Solutions.

Your offer could include RCS and mobile messaging services from Apple, Google, Meta, and the major messaging apps used across the world. By expanding services and working with these OTT players, as a telco you are not just limited to your subscribers but have a monetization opportunity to the channel subscribers irrespective of their SIM providers.

Voice, SMS, and Email could be part of your portfolio too. So could a wide range of security solutions – like silent mobile verification, and number masking.

Working alongside us, telcos have a compelling opportunity to orchestrate and secure enterprises’ interactions with end customers.

APIs become the foundation of CX

CPaaS is key component for digital transformation initiatives, by powering the future of business communication and with virtualizing the worlds communication infrastructure through APIs. This allows telcos to create flexible communication solutions that fit their small businesses and enterprise client’s needs, allowing communications to be integrated with, and tailored to, any business process. This results in a significantly better customer experience.

A trusted telco partner

To realize all these gains on multiple fronts, you need to work with a global engagement leader that has a unique knowledge of the telco industry and can offer total trust and business guarantees.

Whether innovating, navigating the messaging industry, or monetizing on your behalf, we can be your transformation partner – and change the trajectory of your business.

A gateway to small business and enterprise sales

Business messaging is booming, which is great news for telcos. But the even better news is that wider business communications space is booming too. Telcos that unlock this opportunity will enjoy revenue gains.The key is to offer your customers relevant communication solutions – and Infobip is that partner that makes it easy. Within two months, our teams could help you package a compelling offer for your customers – with almost no work needed from your side.

You could offer access to rich communication channels such as RCS, OTT business messaging channels, a digital contact center, customer engagement solution, chatbot building platform, mobile identity solutions, or other automated engagement solutions.

And more importantly, you’d know that your customers are receiving a reliable service from an industry leader trusted by 700+ telcos. You’d also know that the interactions you are facilitating through us would be secure and compliant almost anywhere.

Choosing a telco transformation partner

A big part of the commercial future for telcos is finding new ways to serve business customers, deliver value, and create even stickier relationships.

Infobip is a telco transformation partner that can help you make the most of the infrastructure and relationships you have built up over the years. We’re an expert that’s grown up in this industry with you, knows its history, the value that exists today, and where the greatest potential lies for the future.

Partner with us and we can help you unlock new revenue streams – whether you’re selling through a marketplace or in a less structured sales environment.

Either way we offer the consultation, support, and resources to ensure sales run smoothly, the revenue rolls in, and your relationships with customers become closer and more rewarding than ever.

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Jun 16th, 2022
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Content Marketing Team Lead

Zoha Tapia

Content Marketing Team Lead