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Zoha Tapia

Content Marketing Team Lead

Our partners have always been an important part of our ecosystem. The combination of your expertise and our products is what generates value for our mutual clients and their customers. Whether you’re a solution provider, independent software vendor (ISV), MNO, or systems integrator; our partnership works to our mutual benefit.

We’ve already written about what makes a good technology partner. And although all aspects listed in that post matter, an important question often remains unanswered: how will a new technology partner help you succeed?

Partnering with a technology vendor is an investment and it presents some risks. At Infobip, we want to mitigate those risks and maximize the return on your investment.

The key area when we establish our partnership is our partner enablement. Here we share some principles about our approach to partner enablement.

Partner enablement for success

This is our mantra with enablement: how do we create a training program that helps our partners be successful?

Success means being able to deliver great experiences at all stages of your client journey – from when you sell to implementation and support.

How do we do that? First, we invite our partners to a short, engaging overview of our business, products, and customers.

The next step is training for sales. This is where we focus on the most important aspects of selling – our value proposition and USP, the ideal customer profile and potential clients, their problems, and our solutions.

The key difference in our partner enablement compared to other partner training programs is that we give you actionable and simple tools that help streamline the sales process and improve your client’s experience. There’s no laundry list of technical features in our sales training. Instead, we use out-of-the box solutions that meet your needs.

For implementation consultants, there’s a separate training track that shows you how the product works and how to create solutions for the most common use cases. Again, this is not some boring product demo that talks at length, but an actionable walkthrough on how to create a solution for a specific problem.

For partners who want to offer customer support, we have a training program just for that in the beta stage.

Partner enablement tailored to your needs

We know carving out a few hours or even days from your busy schedule is difficult. Hence, our training adapts to your schedule and how you want to consume information. Our sales readiness platform has training content that consists of short videos. We like to call it “snackable” content.

You can easily take these small snacks wherever you want and whenever it suits you. All you need is a computer, laptop, or a mobile phone.

Going the extra mile – beyond a one-off lecture

Besides the recorded training, we provide an engaging and hands-on experience for our partners. We do that by working together with you on the first deals and getting you to join sales calls with our account executives.

For partners that want to provide implementation services and get certified on our professional services course, we provide 20 hours of free consulting services for each of your first three projects. This is a substantial investment from our side that we know will pay dividends for you and our mutual clients.

Besides your account manager, we back you up with our sales and professional services enablement teams that will continuously build training programs and respond to your individual needs.

We’re also continuously updating our Partner Portal with up-to-date collateral, success stories, best practices, in-demand use cases, product/market training updates, and much more.

Enablement that considers your business model

We’re aware some partners want to focus simply on reselling, while others may focus on implementation services. And then we have partners who are looking to expand their offering into the customer engagement space.

The training we’re providing is modular with the intention of maximizing your investment and complementing your business model.

Become a partner and join our Partner Academy!

If you want to become a trusted advisor in customer experience, join our partner program and get on board with our training programs.

Jan 25th, 2022
3 min read
Content Marketing Team Lead

Zoha Tapia

Content Marketing Team Lead