Enhancing event coordination with personalized experiences at the Singapore FinTech Festival

The Singapore FinTech Festival, renowned as the world’s largest fintech festival, is a hub of innovation and collaboration. Bringing together industry leaders, entrepreneurs, investors, and policymakers, it offers a platform to explore trends, share ideas, and foster partnerships.

In addition to its economic significance, the Singapore FinTech Festival has a notable social impact, attracting over 60,000 attendees and hundreds of speakers annually, including notable names such as Ajay Banga (President, World Bank), Kristalina Georgieva (Managing Director, IMF) and Bill Gates. However, orchestrating smooth operations for an event of this scale poses considerable challenges and the quality of the experience – both for speakers and attendees – is paramount.

Managing commnunication with over 800 speakers across 10 stages posed a potential logistical challenge for organizers. Calendar invites, session briefs and last-minute updates can be missed once onsite, leading to potential delays and disruptions to the programme. To address this potential risk, the organizers recognized the need for a robust communication solution and turned to Infobip.

Rebecca Martin, Co-founder and Senior Director at Elevandi, the not for profit that leads the the Singapore Fintech Festival programme, describes the importance of managing these VIP speakers:

The Singapore FinTech Festival brings together Heads of States, industry CEOs and inspirational founders to drive the adoption of technology in the digital economy. One of the most important tasks at the Singapore FinTech Festival is ensuring these dignitaries and luminaries receive a ‘white glove’ service onsite. Clear communication and seamless operations enables these leaders to focus on the dialogues, meetings and working groups that will create the greatest impact.

Integration with Infobip brought a paradigm shift. By leveraging Infobip’s platform, the organizers were able to send targeted timely messages and reminders via WhatsApp and SMS directly to speakers, keeping them well-informed and on schedule. Additionally, they integrated Conversations, the cloud contact centre, in case any of the speakers had urgent questions or the need to get in touch with them. This not only simplified logistical challenges but also fostered a sense of personal connection, ensuring speakers felt supported throughout the event.

Rebecca emphasized the positive impact:

We received great feedback from speakers who appreciated the personalised experience and were incredulous as to how we had managed this at such scale. So it made a huge difference to the experience for our most important stakeholders.

By facilitating real-time communication and personalized engagement, the integration empowered organizers to revolutionize their approach, ensuring that hundreds of speakers were informed, punctual, and engaged throughout the event.

This transformative shift not only simplified logistical hurdles but also fostered a deeper sense of connection between organizers and participants. As the festival continues to evolve, this innovative communication strategy sets a new standard for event coordination, promising enhanced experiences for all stakeholders involved.

May 7th, 2024
2 min read