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Zoha Tapia

Content Marketing Team Lead

If you work in customer communications, you’ve already felt the seismic shifts taking place in the industry. You’ve seen the new opportunities for creating highly intuitive, automated customer journeys. You’ve seen the new ways customers can communicate with businesses and get things done. 

It’s a new age of CX – from automated onboarding processes, to finding out about products, to receiving one-time passwords, to having general questions answered by a chatbot.

Infobip Exchange CX

At Infobip, we have the technology and communication networks in place to help businesses deliver these experiences anywhere across the globe, using the widest variety of channels and cloud tools imaginable. But we want to make it even simpler for businesses to build customer journeys. We want to ensure integrating new features and functionality into existing communication systems is as straightforward as possible.

More broadly, we want to help businesses speed up the digital transformation of their legacy communication systems and practices, with careful and considered deployment of the best automation tools on the market, and refined data capture and analysis practices. 

So, we’ve been working with other CX and communications leaders to make this happen. That’s why we’re proud to announce the arrival of Exchange – the integrations marketplace.

Introducing Infobip Exchange

In simple terms, Exchange is a marketplace where businesses can effortlessly find apps and integrations that transform customer experience, and where software vendors and developers can find new clients and unlock new revenue streams. In other words, this is a place where businesses and software vendors can “Exchange” value.

Introducing Infobip Exchange CX

Why the world needs Exchange

As communications tools and technologies continue to proliferate, a problem has emerged: You could call it SaaS overload. 

SaaS overload is what happens when the number of vendors and solutions in the market becomes overwhelming – making it hard for businesses to know who to trust and which solutions will work with their existing architecture.

In 2021, large businesses were found to use 110 SaaS apps on average. This is a 7x increase from 2017.
(Source: State of SaaS Ops 2021, BetterCloud)

Integrating new software solutions into their existing communications stack is simply too complicated for businesses as they try to meet critical interoperability and security needs. This cost and complexity hampers their ability to deliver the very best customer experiences in a fast-moving communications world.  

But Exchange changes that. 

All the solutions in the Exchange marketplace are Infobip-endorsed, ready-to-go solutions that integrate seamlessly with the Infobip stack. This removes the time, complexity, and cost barriers to transformation. 

For developers and ISVs, this is a huge opportunity to connect their innovative SaaS products with fresh audiences. What’s more, it’s further motivation to keep developing new, exciting solutions. Developers can add value to Infobip products by creating pre-integrated add-ons. Or they can also leverage Infobip APIs to add value to their own products.

Brave new beginnings

Perhaps what’s most exciting about Exchange is that we’re just getting started.  

We got started with over 30 apps and integrations (which Infobip customers are already benefiting from). And more are being added each month.  

Exchange already connects the Infobip platform to world-leading business tools, like Microsoft, Oracle, Adobe, Salesforce, Google, Shopify and VTEX.

These apps and integrations are helping enterprises connect data and functionality across multiple systems for seamless execution and a unified view of the customer.  

Exchange is available to existing Infobip customers through our customer portal and is a public catalog of apps and integrations, available to a much wider audience over our website. It’s a model that will give organizations the freedom and tools they need to create automated customer experiences so much more easily.

The journey has just begun. In the coming months we will be working with even more Developers and Software Vendors to build value-adding features for the Infobip stack, and solutions which leverage Infobip APIs to drive value. 

The aim is to make it easier than ever for businesses to put together trailblazing customer engagement experiences. Remember, our teams of communication experts and consultants are here to help you do just that. Get in touch with one of them here. 

Meanwhile, watch this space for more news about Exchange.

Welcome to Infobip Exchange

The marketplace where businesses find communication solutions, and where software developers find customers.

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Mar 11th, 2022
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Zoha Tapia

Content Marketing Team Lead