Meeting Cambridge Students

Recently two of our colleagues participated in the third annual PEXIM-BSCC Dinner at Trinity College in Cambridge. It was a remarkable evening at one of the world’s most prestigious universities.

The college hosted Infobip’s Luka Babic and Aleksandar Brankovic who had the pleasure to meet with brilliant young students and distinguished guests from business, academia and diplomacy. Everyone was welcomed by honorary speakers, Sir Paul Judge, the founder of Cambridge Judge Business School and BSCC President; Mihail Petreski, the Founder of PEXIM Foundation, Board Member of Asseco and more eminent people from the business world.

Luka and Aleksandar met some of the exceptional young talents and piqued their interest in our company and its unique culture which made an impression despite very tough competition from corporations like Microsoft, NIS, Continental Wind etc.

This is certainly a great event which connects companies with the most talented young students. I was proud to tell them that in Infobip, which has unique business dynamics, passion and drive, there are opportunities for everyone to fulfill their potential, challenge the status quo and shape the future of mobile technologies. It is our priority to nurture the environment that’s providing freedom, challenge and opportunities for young professionals to fulfill their potential.

Luka Babic – Head of HR, Infobip

We awarded one final year student with a tablet iPad Air by picking up the name from the hat. Luka and Aleksandar threw the gauntlet and many students seemed interested in meeting the Infobip challenge!

Infobip is eager to support students and student activities, especially when they can showcase their talent face to face. We understand perfectly that investing in their future is also an investment in our company’s prosperity.

Luka Babic – Head of HR, Infobip

May 22nd, 2014
2 min read