Transform your business communication with Viber Business Calls 

Viber Business Calls ensure every customer interaction is handled personally and efficiently, reinforcing your business’s commitment to exceptional customer service. Learn how. 

Ana Rukavina

While messaging ​apps like Rakuten Viber​ have opened the door to easier and faster customer service regarding FAQs, checking accounts, ​order tracking, ​or ​product​ inquiries, voice conversations remain essential when handling complex issues or fostering a personal connection. 


of consumers prefer brands that provide the option to call or message

Source: LivePerson


would completely abandon a company after two negative interactions

Source: PwC 

Viber Business Calls (VBC) puts the power of voice calls at the heart of your customer support. Keep the perks of OTT messaging while expanding your support over voice, all on one channel. 

In this blog, we will explain how Infobip’s platform can connect the dots of your ​Rakuten ​Viber infrastructure so that you can engage with your customers however they prefer. 

End-user challenges you need to address 

Interaction limitations 


of customers say the experience a company provides is just as necessary as its products or services

While messaging can foster communication and provide rich media opportunities to convey your message, adding voice support would be a pinnacle. It could reduce customer frustration and make brand-user communication more convenient, persuasive, and effective. 

User accessibility 

Handling inquiries from overseas means expensive international call fees for you and your customers. These high costs force you to limit support hours or even discourage customers from specific countries from contacting you altogether, hindering your business growth. 

Consolidating all your ​Rakuten ​Viber communications centrally within a single instance with predictable fees would be simpler and less hassle

Impersonal service 

Diagnosing technical issues without direct observation or interaction is challenging, leading to longer resolution times and customer dissatisfaction. 

Text-based support is ideal for many use cases, but an additional human touch is sometimes necessary to address sensitive topics effectively. Offering customers to make a free call to your brand could be the solution to enhance their experience further. 

Enter the power of Viber Business Calls 

Viber Business Calls transforms customer interactions, addressing these challenges head-on: 

Effortless engagement 

You can tap and call straight from the chat with a business on Rakuten Viber or from the Viber Business Account, so users don’t have to hunt for your number. 

​​Free i​n-app voice calls create a seamless experience, fostering stronger customer connections. 

Being a convenient in-app solution, Business Calls empower brands to improve brand accessibility, elevate crisis management, and gain a competitive advantage with free support from customers anywhere. 

Noa Bar Shay

Senior Director, Sales & Partnership, Rakuten Viber

Personalized touch 

Real-time voice conversations allow your agents to understand a customer’s unique needs and offer tailored solutions. This builds trust and a sense that your business genuinely cares about their experience. 

Personalized consultations can overcome objections, provide persuasive recommendations, and increase conversion rates.

Global reach

Rakuten Viber’s rich features and widespread use enable you to engage with customers all over the world in memorable ways: 

Users in 190+ countries

44 languages supported

Over 1 billion downloads on Android alone

20,000+ brands choose Viber for Business solutions

Also, we witnessed a record surge in digital messaging this year, with 8.2 billion messages being sent during Cyber Week over mobile-friendly, conversational channels:  

Viber interactions increased by 7% compared to last year 

And customers everywhere will appreciate the convenience and cost-savings of free in-app calls. You can include support in multiple languages and demonstrate​​ your commitment to a global customer base. 

Providing exceptional, accessible support internationally builds a positive reputation and distinguishes your business as customer-centric. 

Now integrate Viber Business Calls into your existing Viber Business Account 

If you are already successfully using Viber for Business, you can easily integrate calls into your existing Viber Business Account with Infobip’s help.  

This allows your customers to choose between messaging and direct voice calls, all within the ​Rakuten ​Viber environment. They can text your brand or use the tap-to-call feature directly in the chat or on the company’s profile to connect with an agent.  

This way, you create a comprehensive communications solution and ensure a fully omnichannel communication flow that empowers customers to connect with you the way they prefer – text or voice. 

Your business can quickly receive inbound calls from ​Rakuten ​Viber end users and connect them to any endpoint PSTN (phone), webRTC, SIP, Conversations, or even your self-made voice application.  

Why Infobip for Viber Business Calls 

Viber Business Messages offer several key features, such as rich media sharing, including photos, videos, links, and files, features that empower two-way conversations with customers, and the ability to broadcast personalized messages. 

Viber Business Calls brings this to another level with one-tap calling and ensures that every interaction is handled efficiently and with care, reinforcing your business’s commitment to exceptional customer service.  

By enabling Viber Business Calls through Infobip, you’re not just opening a line of communication but inviting your customers into a world where their needs are met with convenience, flexibility, and respect. 

With Infobip, you can connect Viber Business Calls with: 

WebRTC connectivity 
– SIP integration 
– SaaS integration (Conversations, Moments
– Your custom voice application using Voice API 

Use cases for Viber Business Calls through Infobip 

Leverage the widespread reach and tap-to-call functionality of Viber Business Calls to maximize results for your specific use cases. 

  • Product inquiries: Assist customers with their questions about your products and help them decide to buy. 
  • Order confirmation and updates: Provide instant order confirmation and status updates with the immediacy of Viber Business Calls. 
  • Appointments and reservations: Help customers make and update their meetings and bookings via calls for additional convenience. 
  • Managing accounts: Address account and transaction queries from customers anywhere. 
  • Sales consultations: Close more sales and enhance customer experiences with in-depth consultations. 
  • Customer support and feedback: Support around-sales and effortlessly collect valuable feedback. 

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Apr 18th, 2024
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