Join Our Beta of Facebook Messenger and LINE APIs

We’re excited to unveil our newest additions to our Messaging API: Facebook Messenger and LINE! Chat apps are essential omni channel messaging and these two additions give you even more options to connect and engage with your customers.

Both of these integrations are in beta (oh that fresh out-of-the-box API smell) so keep that in mind if you’re using these with production applications. As part of the beta program you’ll be able to give feedback and submit reports to our development team as we finalize these integrations.

Here’s what you can do with each chat app with the Infobip Messaging API.

Facebook Messenger

Facebook Messenger is one of the most downloaded and used apps in the world. More and more companies are integrating chat and chat bots into their customer communications mix. We’re excited to offer Messenger as a new option for users.

Send and receive messages Get delivery reports Resource and Actions setup over API (API Documentation)


LINE has 218 million users in Japan, Taiwan, and Thailand. If you want to reach and engage customers in those markets; LINE is a must have integration.

Use push messages: send messages to users who have added your account as a friend. These are one-way messages you send to your users. Use reply messages: reply to messages from your users. Use webhooks to be notified about events for your account. Send Imagemap messages: send rich content messages that contain an image and a link. Imagemap messages are ideal for coupons, special promotions, news announcements, blog posts. Template messages: messages with images, text, multiple user action choices, and buttons.

These two integrations are in addition to Viber for chat, Zendesk for support, as well as A2P connections for your custom-built apps.

Click below to get started with our Facebook Messenger and LINE API betas! We’re reviewing applications and accepting people on a case by case basis. We’re looking for developers serious about integrating and using Facebook Messenger or LINE in their applications.

Jan 25th, 2017
2 min read