Product updates: Boost business goals with rich media features across our platform

Discover the major improvements across Voice, Video, WhatsApp, and our cloud-based customer experience solutions that will help enhance your engagement. 

Spring has brought on new updates to our products from channels to our cloud-based solutions. We have rounded up some of the top updates across key channels such as Voice, Video, WhatsApp and Email, and our customer engagement solution, contact center solution, chatbot building platform and customer data platform to help you enhance your experience.

Voice and Video: Major improvements to the video platform

Enhanced video call features for engagement and flexibility.

These video call features provide a comprehensive solution for enhancing communication between hosts and participants. 

Multiparty links: Facilitate group video calls with multiple participants, ideal for hosting candidate interviews, product demos, and virtual tours. Start group calls with a single URL. 

Participant name modal: Say goodbye to awkward moments and promote a professional, friendly environment by allowing participants to enter their names at the start of the session. 

Extended allowed time windows: Provide flexible scheduling options for your customers, letting them know when your representatives are available. 

Background blurring: Enhance privacy and keep the focus on the participant rather than their surroundings, improving the overall video call experience. 

Face tracking and framing: Improve communication by automatically centering participants’ faces in the video feed, reducing the need to worry about camera position. 

Local video filter: Customize your video call experience by adjusting brightness, contrast, and other settings to optimize video quality. 

Network events: Troubleshoot video call quality issues with real-time network status information, improving communication efficiency. 

Recording options: Effortlessly initiate and manage video call recordings for reviewing important details or sharing the call with others who couldn’t attend. 

Playback recordings by field: Save time by easily accessing and playing back specific call recordings, making it easier to review crucial details or share recordings with others. 

Custom data for recordings: Associate metadata with recordings for easy organization and access, streamlining the retrieval process. 

Rooms: Instantly host meetings without the need for webRTC SDK integration, simplifying the process of organizing meetings.

WhatsApp Business Platform: Improve customer satisfaction with New Send Location CTA feature

Send Location CTA feature is now available worldwide!

Location sharing over WhatsApp has just become easier, especially for ride-hailing, on-demand, and delivery companies with the ability to share the live destination with just one tap. By implementing this feature, you can offer a more streamlined and professional user experience, as live-location sharing is not available with this feature, which can help improve customer satisfaction and build a stronger reputation for your company.

Moments: Maximize your Email campaign results to boost customer engagement

Enhance your experience with email editor’s Litmus integration for improved previews and testing. 

With Litmus integration, you can be confident that your emails will look great and perform optimally, leading to improved engagement and conversion rates. Litmus allows you to preview how your emails will appear on different devices, test emails across various email clients, and quickly identify and fix any issues.  

Streamline your business processes with our Catalog API for easy catalog management. 

Our new Catalog API allows you to easily create, read, update, and delete catalogs and items. With this feature, you can ensure that your data is always up-to-date and accurate. This can help streamline your business processes, improve data accuracy, and save you time and effort. 

Simplify email testing with a direct sending feature of test messages from the preview page. 

Our new feature allows you to directly send test email messages from the preview page while working on the design. With this feature, you can save time on testing messages and simplify the validation process, making it easier to design and test messages, which will help streamline your workflow, improve efficiency, and save you valuable time. 

Easily start exporting events using our quick start page

We’ve created a Quick Start Page designed to guide you through the process of exporting events using our People API. With this new feature, you can easily get started with exporting events and take advantage of all the benefits our People API has to offer.  

Track and personalize customer journeys with new custom event sending capabilities. 

From this release onward, you are now able to send custom events without any coding.  

This new capability enhances the following Use Cases:

  • Tracking engagement and interest levels among customers 
  • Segmenting aand personalizing based on customers’ journey 
  • Re-engaging customers after specific triggers 
  • Continuing dialogues after session expiration  
  • Contributing to calculated/event-based attributes (lead scores, lifetime value, CSAT score)

Answers: Easily design chatbot journeys for customer service and lead generation with customizable templates

Deploy a chatbot quickly and easily with our ready-made templates, used as-is or customized to your specific needs.   

Chatbot Templates are perfect for your business if you’re looking to: 

  • Improve Customer Service 
  • Generate new leads 
  • Automate appointment and reservation scheduling 
  • Manage all product offers and manage inquiries

We offer several templates in multiple languages on WhatsApp and Live Chat.

Conversations: Provide personalized solutions and efficient support from your cloud contact center solution

Live Chat Screen Sharing via Mobile App allows your Agents that use our Cloud Contact Center Solution to be more efficient and provide a personalized issue-specific solution.  

Here is a simple example of how this would work in the Banking sector:

  1. Customer uses their mobile banking app to manage their finances.  
  2. Customer searches for the option to improve their interest rates and writes a message into the chat to reach their personal banker (has the role of the Agent in this scenario).  
  3. Agent takes the conversations, starts discussing the topic with the customer, and decides it would be best to switch to a video call.  
  4. Agent shares their screen to showcase customer’s options and resolve inquiries.

Exchange: Elevate your SMS and Voice campaigns further with these integrations

Schedule messages at the most ideal times for your customers with Optimove integration and the new Delivery Time Window feature for SMS, improving customer communication even more. 

Experience effective communication with the latest addition to Infobip Notify (ServiceNow 1-way) family – the Voice channel, joining existing SMS, WhatsApp, and RCS channels. 

Reduce the number of customers who get stuck in Salesforce Marketing Cloud Journey with improved Error handling. Retry sending messages to customers with missing information and enable SMS support for India DLT templates. 

Send SMS directly through Creatio Business Process Management, without changing the interface. Manage business processes effectively with a set of tools designed for process modeling, execution, monitoring, and analysis.

Email via self service: Try Email with up to 100 free test messages to any email address

Clients using our platform via self service can now setup Email as a channel within just a few clicks.

This change enables you to send test emails during the trial phase and improve deliverability and ROI. You can view delivery reports on the self service homepage or configure them to be received via webhook or API.  

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May 23rd, 2023
5 min read