Product updates: Improved customer experience and added reliability with new Email Data Center, WebRTC SDK 2.0, and more integrations 

Zoha Tapia

Content Marketing Team Lead

We’ve released new features that will help your business grow by reducing manual work for you and your customers.  

Let’s dive in and learn about new features and improvements in:  

Email API: Process emails quicker and customize return paths for every message

Jakarta Data Center

We added Email services to our new data center in Jakarta ensuring faster response to your API requests. If you are operating in the APAC region, you will benefit from: 

  • Faster email delivery  
  • Easy scalability of sending volumes   
  • Secure data 
  • Compliance with local regulations 

Custom Return Path 

We released a custom return path for every message for better tracking. Previously, the return path included in the message header was set to a default address limited to the same domain as the sender. With this update, you can define the preferred custom return path for every message sent with that specified sender (domain) when you create or manage the domain settings. It helps to store bounces in your mailboxes.    

local DC dedicated to Email

Voice and Video: Enhanced customer support with new WebRTC SDK 2.0 and Calls API update

New WebRTC feature – Call Link

Invite users to an audio or video session with Call Link and resolve their issues faster. Agents can generate and share weblinks when escalating from type-based chat to connect with customers in an audio-visual manner. This will help solve complex issues with contextualized sessions that ultimately heightens customer satisfaction and increases loyalty.  

When the end user clicks the link, a web page opens with a customizable theme and messaging – both on mobile and desktop allowing the end user to initiate an audio or video call to a predefined destination. No application installation is required on the customer’s side. This new feature can be used with: 

  • Our contact center solution, Conversations 
  • Any WebRTC identity 
  • Direct calls on a phone number 

WebRTC SDK for better Voice and Video experiences 

We have changed the name of WebRTC sessions that contain more than 2 participants. From now on, ‘’Conferences’’ are referred to as ‘’Rooms’’. This helps eliminate any confusion with multiparty calls made within the Calls API platform. 

We’ve updated our documents making it clear when to declare WebRTC applications. Now, you only need to if mobile users relying on native mobile SDK need to receive inbound calls. This change will ensure that customers only need to declare when necessary, saving time and reducing effort.

You now have the ability to adjust every session with video and audio filters from the Infobip extensions JS library. These filters can be used on all calls to blur backgrounds and filter out ambient audio helping make interactions more private with minimal distractions for an overall better experience.  

Dynamic Destination Resolution has been superseded by using WebRTC SDK with Calls API.  As a result, WebRTC SDK 1.x will be deprecated, and customers have a grace period of 8 months (October 25th, 2023) to switch to our new WebRTC 2.0 SDKs. This change will ensure improved performance and reliability for our customers. 

Call API update for recordings 

We’ve released two fantastic new improvements in Calls API:

  • Speech capture API, so you can perform short duration speech text conversions in any call leg  
  • A new recording page, so customers can find all call, conference, and dialog recordings performed over Calls API 

Moments: Save time with automated event triggers

Our customer engagement solution Moments will help create customer journeys in a quicker and more efficient manner with standard channel events. Gone are the days when you needed to manually add each trigger into a flow. You will now be able to choose from a baseline of triggers and it will get added automatically.  

People CDP: Easily export profile information required

Manual data clean ups and reduction of file sizes can be a daunting task. With our new update in People CDP, you can now easily adjust customer profiles an export them by selecting specific profile attributes such as names, locations, contact information, or the number of orders completed. 

Answers: Improve customer support flexibility with third-party CCaaS and CRM integrations

Our chatbot building platform, Answers now offers more versatility as you can now seamlessly integrate it into your existing CCaaS and CRM solutions. You can now build chatbots over our digital channels over Conversational API free of charge when integrating them into your existing tech stack.  

This will enable you to: 

  • Provide self-service over your ticketing systems 
  • Provide omnichannel support  

Conversations: Superior customer support with multilanguage capabilities, external call transfers and multi-action capabilities

Multilanguage support on live chat 

Speak to customers in the language they prefer by setting up a multilanguage strategy on our newly updated Live Chat widget. Now your customers can switch to their language of choice when chatting with your support team.  

Complete multiple actions and boost agent productivity 

Newly added Macros over our contact center solution Conversations empowers agents with the ability to conduct multiple actions simultaneously and automate repetitive steps. Thereby increasing productivity and customer satisfaction.  

Transfer calls to external numbers for the right support 

Call Control: Cold/Blind Transfer v.2.  

In January, we released Cold/Blind Transfer over Conversations. This month we have given it another update that allows agents to transfer calls to an external phone number that is either stored on the CDP or manually entered.  

How does this help? Take the healthcare industry for example: 

  1. The patient calls the hospital call center and is greeted with a welcome message 
  2. The patient is connected to an agent and requests to speak with a doctor from a specific department 
  3. The agent transfers the call to the doctor’s office 
  4. The patient is routed directly to a doctor, and gets the care they need 

Exchange: Personalize your customer journeys with Adobe Commerce and Salesforce Marketing Cloud integrations

Empower your chatbot built over Answers to leverage data from Adobe Commerce (formerly known as Adobe Magento) in order to automate orders and product information. 

Give your agent immediate access to relevant information when integrating with Salesforce Marketing Cloud that is enriched with new features that improve UX, analytics, and personalization.  

Start integrating today

For more details, visit our Documentation page, and for a recap of our previous updates – check out this blog. 

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Mar 14th, 2023
5 min read

Zoha Tapia

Content Marketing Team Lead