Product updates: Improving agent productivity and customer engagement capabilities

Read on to find out what options we added to simplify day-to-day activities for agents and marketers.

Product Marketing Specialist

Ivo Starešina

Product Marketing Specialist

We are starting 2023 strong with new updates to improve agent productivity, enhance engagement use cases, and our Marketplace. 

Keep reading to learn about the newest updates for:

Cloud contact center: Improved agent experience across all work stages

Message Delivery Status: Track your communications easily

Agents can now see the status of their sent messages. Message status helps agents to know whether their message was sent, delivered, or seen by the customer.

Internal Conversations through the mobile app

Starting January, your agents can communicate internally using the mobile app. This feature will benefit agents who work remotely or need more flexibility. 

If you need help enabling our cloud contact center solution on your agents’ phones, check out this simple tutorial.

Calls Additional Information: Customer info at your agents’ fingertips

Agents can set up incoming calls to show more information about the customer like:

  • Customer name, last name & phone number  
  • Call type (transferred or callback) 
  • Queue information

On top of that, agents can easily copy the customer’s phone number and paste it into other tools (CRM, notes, etc.), increasing efficiency.

Call Control: New Hold* option

We’ve introduced the Hold option which can be used by all three contact center stakeholders in different ways:

  • Agents can put customers on hold to finish some backend process or ask for help with the customer’s inquiry.   
  • While on hold, relaxing music will be played for customers while waiting for the agent to get back and help them resolve their issues.    
  • Supervisors can identify areas of improvement for agents and the processes. 

The hold option can improve call center performance by helping agents make informed decisions for resolving issues.

Call Control: Cold/Blind transfer* makes queue switching easy

With cold or blind transfer, agents can transfer calls to a different queue (department) that is better suited at helping a customer’s issue.  

Just like with hold, supervisors can use this information to identify areas for improvement with agents and processes. 

Check out below what new integrations are coming to you through our Marketplace. 

  *Features are in the Public Early Access Phase

Get the release notes here!

Marketplace: Enhanced integrations lead to powerful engagements

Cloud Contact Center + eCommerce Platforms: Bring customer data to agents

Shopify and VTEX are introducing Context Cards within the Cloud Contact Center interface.

With this feature, your agents gain a quick view of all relevant customer data for fast support, such as contact and order information in the same interface.

Infobip SPOKE: Communicate via WhatsApp

We introduced the capabilities of Infobip SPOKE to you last month, and now there is more. 

You can easily notify stakeholders of critical and time-sensitive information with single and bulk WhatsApp (or SMS) actions by sending automated messages directly from Integration Hub in ServiceNow with Infobip SPOKE.

Updates for Salesforce Marketing Cloud

Test your message before you send it over SMS, WhatsApp, Viber or KakaoTalk with a new feature available over Salesforce Marketing Cloud.

The reporting and analytics also have a new feature; checking different parameters saved within message reports is now enabled for every message.

Get the Exchange release notes, here!

Customer Engagement: Updates for Email Editor & MEP Consumption Report

Email Editor: Who says long emails can’t be easy to read?

Use Tabs to make big emails with many subcategories much easier to read, and do it without any coding.

A great use case for the Tab Widget is for educational institutions like universities. When sending annual guides for different departments or programs, you can send one email with all the information neatly categorized using tabs. 

To find out more about the other Kinetic Widgets, check out the following: 

MEP Consumption: Visualize your data

Last month we introduced MEP Consumption Report, and now we have something even better for you. With a new dashboard, you can visualize consumption per each sub-account and see which campaigns generated the most engagement. Downloading raw data or building charts in Excel is a thing of the past. 

Get the Moments release notes, here!

For more details, visit our Documentation page, and if you want to look back at what we released last month – check out this blog.

Jan 27th, 2023
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Product Marketing Specialist

Ivo Starešina

Product Marketing Specialist