Expand Your Business to All Corners of the World

In today’s turmoil of fierce competition, the need of making your business available to all of your potential customers is clearer than ever. If somewhere out there, you have someone interested in your service but they’re unable to reach it, you have probably lost that customer for good.

So how do you get to all those customers, interact with them and build meaningful relations? Mobile is certainly one of the answers, as consumers around the world increasingly turn to mobile in their desire to constantly be in the loop. And messaging is a favorite among businesses, whether used for notifications, engagement, sweepstakes, or loyalty programs.

If you do choose to expand your reach via mobile, you have couple of options in doing so. There is the possibility of directly connecting to all operators in the country, and using their reach for building meaningful communication with your own clients. This may be a lengthy procedure but you can be sure that the connection will be of high quality.The downside of this option is that messaging is a small portion of the operators’ revenue, which at times results in inadequate support and lack of tailor made messaging solutions. For that reason, it is likely you will not get specific tools, products and analytics. The second option, very widely used, is to connect to providers that offer cheap grey routes. These routes lack in features, frequently disrupt and at times just don’t deliver. Presuming that the quality of your brand communication reflects the quality of the brand itself – it is on you to estimate on how much you value your brand.

The third option is to lay your trust into the hands of someone whose core business is enterprise messaging. Someone who cherishes strong relationships with operators around the world, offers high quality routes in over 190 countries and provides multi language 24/7 support, as well as an array of enterprise-specific tools and options. Someone who takes a moment to listen to your story, counsel you and tailor its solutions to match your business goals.

Mar 25th, 2014
2 min read