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Technology Meets Creativity: Welcome to Platformization

We sat down with our Vice President of Engineering, Damir Prusac, to find out how Infobip’s engineering department is keeping up with industry trends – and what we can expect in the next few years.

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Q: Tell us about your role at Infobip.

Hi, I’m Damir Prusac and I’m the VP of Engineering at Infobip – which is a department that spreads across 15 different sites, 11 countries, and 900 people.

Q: How do you see Infobip’s engineering team’s tools, technology, and architecture evolving over the next two years?

I believe that the technology and architecture, as well as the adoption of tooling, has been evolving over the last 15 years for Infobip – and it will continue to evolve.

We are approaching something which we call platformization, which enables a complete ecosystem for our partners and developers around the world to actually build upon our platform.

Q: What top three golden rules should developers who are central to product development and customer experience keep in mind?

I would say the three golden rules are:

  1. Build products and solve problems that are related to customers
  2. Continuously develop and learn
  3. Use collaborative intelligence – don’t work as a single person or individual within an organization, rather as a team or a company as a whole

Q: How can Infobip help companies combine technology and human creativity?

I believe that Infobip can help other companies in many aspects to evolve on a similar path as Infobip has. A recent step we’ve taken is introducing the Infobip startup incubator – for which we’ve had more than 100 companies apply to. We help these companies have a speedy start so they don’t have to struggle as a classical startup. Instead, they can make use of our technology, build on top of it, and we can help them go to market faster.

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