Edenred UAE: Transforming customer service over WhatsApp with Conversations and Answers


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Growing customer base led to the need for new tools, channels, and automations

Before Infobip, Edenred UAE relied on email as a quick and economical way to solve customer queries. However, the payroll service provider had limited visibility into key metrics such as first-response time, average handle time, or customer satisfaction. Edenred UAE also had manual dedicated queues to action high-priority queries and no self-service capabilities in place.

As the payroll service provider’s customer base grew from 1 million to 1.5 million cardholders within a few months, customer support activities became increasingly harder to handle and track.

Edenred UAE decided it was time to implement new tools that would help scale its customer service without compromising on user experience and increasing costs.


Automating customer service with Infobip’s cloud contact center and chatbot building platform

To address the challenges to date, the payroll service provider decided to use Infobip’s contact center solution Conversations and chatbot building platform Answers to provide self-service options for money transfer queries over WhatsApp Business Platform.

Through Answers, Edenred UAE created a multilingual chatbot that can resolve common queries using multimedia – and is available 24/7. And, when used in combination with Conversations, the chatbot can transfer complex queries to an agent with the right experience without losing conversation history or context.

Example of Edenred's WhatsApp chatbot

Additionally, through Conversations, Edenred UAE has insight into the analytics it needs to improve its customer support overtime, including first response time, average wait time, CSAT scores, and more.

After using WhatsApp Business Platform as a channel for money transfer-related queries through Conversations and Answers proved successful, Edenred UAE decided to substitute email with the chat app for all customer service queries moving forward.


Scaled customer support, decreased wait time, and higher customer satisfaction

By using Infobip’s chatbot building platform and cloud contact center to set up a WhatsApp chatbot, Edenred UAE was able to rapidly scale its customer support. The company has been able to serve over 58,743 unique customers since implementing Infobip’s solutions in August 2020.

The payroll service provider also managed to improve its average handle volume – going from handling an average of 12,000 emails to handling over 30,000 chats on WhatsApp a month.

Edenred UAE’s chatbot led to 69% of the company’s chats in September and October being self-serviced – and only 31% being transferred to agents due to complexity. In addition, all chats were answered and resolved on WhatsApp within the first 48 hours – decreasing the company’s average wait time by 96%.

Edenred UAE also surveyed 667 of its users to obtain insights about WhatsApp as a customer service tool – where 62% of Edenred UAE customers claimed they prefer to get in touch via WhatsApp, and over 70% stated they were able to find the answers they were looking for on WhatsApp easily.

All in all, Edenred UAE was able to scale its customer service team in a way they couldn’t with email – which led to an increase in overall customer satisfaction.

Infobip was a gamechanger in helping us digitally transform the way we communicate with customers. Conversations and Answers helped us deliver a seamless customer experience over WhatsApp – using a chatbot to solve 69% of common queries and effortlessly transfer complex queries to agents decreased our average wait time by 96% and improved our customer satisfaction.

Abdullah Khan

Customer Service Team Lead, Edenred UAE

Company Profile

Edenred UAE

In the United Arab Emirates, where nearly 60% of the working population is outside the current financial system, Edenred UAE is a fast-growing payroll service provider that facilitates the financial inclusion of countless workers, while allowing companies to comply with local regulations that require that wages be traceable. Serving more than 6,000 companies, 2 million employees, over 10 banks, and 35+ financial institutions, their Edenred Payroll Platform allows companies to efficiently manage the salaries of all their employees in one place and in compliance with the Wage Protection System established by the UAE Central Bank. C3Pay is a mobile app linked to Mastercard that enables employees, mostly unbanked or underbanked, not only to access essential financial services but to leverage personal wealth with elevated features relevant to their needs (such as money transfer, and mobile top-up) at minimal prices.