Infomedia: Increase in channel revenue and customer engagement with omnichannel marketing


increase in channel revenue


Increasing engagement and conversion and lowering dependency on traditional ad channels

Infomedia is a digital marketing agency responsible for one of Easter Europe’s leading eCommerce solution providers Providio. Infomedia’s marketing efforts coupled with Providio’s brand building solutions they handle the entire customer journey for some of the regions B2C retailers, right from importing and ordering to post-sale support.

Until now, Infomedia was reliant on Facebook ads to run campaigns for Providio to reach new audiences and initiate engagement with customers. However, only using Facebook ads was limiting and expensive. Providio needed an innovative omnichannel solution that could help them give their retail clients the reach, conversion, and branding to stand out in the marketplace.

Since the majority of their client and customer base was situated in Eastern Europe, they started exploring Viber for conversational engagement and SMS for sending timely transactional promotions. However, there was still one element missing, and that was personalization.

Facebook ads and bulk promotions weren’t getting the desired engagement and conversion. And finding a single communications platform that could leverage customer data to help create and orchestrate marketing campaigns in an omnichannel way was proving difficult.


An omnichannel customer engagement solution for personalized promotions over Viber and SMS

Enter Infobip’s omnichannel communications platform. Infomedia and Providio were familiar with sending bulk SMS promotions over our platform in the past and decided to revisit and explore sending campaigns over Viber as well.

Viber provided them with rich conversational marketing campaigns, while SMS was the reliable failover channel for urgent, timely messages.

In addition, our customer engagement solution Moments along with our customer data platform People allowed them to create personalized campaigns over Viber and SMS, thereby lessening their dependency on Facebook ads.

The drag-and-drop ability of our platform made it easy for Providio to create campaign flows and trigger event-based messages with simple APIs for cart abandonment, promotional events, and geo-targeted promotions.

Moments empowered them to customize multi-step campaign flows and deliver tailored messages for each customer over the channel they preferred without any manual workload.

The People API allowed them to easily connect data from their platform to ours to create communication flows based on category, cost, and purchase history, and build audience segments for each campaign.

After successfully integrating our 1-way messaging, Infomedia looked for a solution that would enable them to use 2-way messaging on channels like Viber, Email, and WhatsApp. For that purpose, they implemented our cloud contact center solution Conversations. This enabled them to come in more immediate contact with customers.  


2% increase in channel revenue with personalized omnichannel campaigns

Not only was the integration of Viber, SMS, Moments People, and Conversations easy, but it also helped them improve their engagement rates.

Having an omnichannel approach ensures that the right message is sent on the channel their customers prefer and a failover is triggered over SMS in case there is loss of data. Making sure every campaign is delivered.

Personalized marketing campaigns over Viber and SMS have increased their channel revenue by 2%.

Now, with the implementation of WhatsApp they are working closely with the Infobip team to understand the best channel for each country with the aim of increasing their channel revenue by 5-10%.

Infobip’s communication platform empowered them to adopt an omnichannel marketing strategy, unify data, enable two-way customer engagement and provide support thereby resulting in an increase of ROAS and ROI. All on one platform.

Infobip’s communications platform helped us improve our ROAS and ROI by blending rich media channels such as Viber and WhatsApp with the reliability of SMS. This along with a customer data platform, customer engagement solution and contact center solution empowered us to move towards two-way interactions and provide support. And to top it all the solutions were easy to integrate and the ability to manage all communications over one platform helped reduce operational load.”

Boris Despot Vuletić

Director of Business Development, Infomedia

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