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Marham: Connecting doctors and patients in Pakistan with Voice and SMS

Marham: Connecting doctors and patients in Pakistan with Voice and SMS

  • 50% Decrease in complaints
  • 3% Increase in revenue
  • 2x Increase in appointments


Improving SMS delivery rates and increasing brand trust

To combat the dwindling state of healthcare in Pakistan and doctor to patient ratio, healthcare app Marham had a challenge of their own to solve.

Marham was using SMS to schedule appointments and send reminders. However, with issues regarding messages from alphanumeric senders not being delivered to people subscribed to the DND (do not disturb) list and lack of delivery reports, they had a high customer complaint rate.

In addition to that, they faced issues with SMS delivery to ported numbers or patients who changed their service provider and found it difficult to send bulk promotional messages to their users.

With 15,000 bookings per month and 500,000 visits to their website, the digital healthcare pioneer in the country had to find a more reliable channel of communication to notify their patients and improve their delivery rates.


Implementing Voice and SMS as new communication channels over a single web interface

Understanding the gravity of the situation, Infobip provided Marham with an integrated omnichannel approach that included Voice and SMS.

The first thing Infobip did was verify Marham’s communication channel to solve the problem faced regarding messages from alphanumeric senders. This ensured patients that they were receiving messages from a trusted sender.

A flow mechanism was created to ensure messages were sent to both doctors and patients when an appointment was requested, confirmed, cancelled, or rescheduled. Patients were also sent appointment reminders and review request messages.

The biggest gamechanger was the addition of Voice as a failover for SMS messages and giving patients the choice to book appointments and receive reminders through calls.

Voice and SMS, along with Infobip’s real-time reporting, gave Marham the insight and transparency to monitor the delivery rates of messages and a better understanding of the reasons why some of them were not delivered.

In addition to this, Infobip’s web interface allowed Marham to send bulk SMS promotions as well.


Increase in appointment attendance, up to 50% decrease in customer complaints, and increased brand trust

After implementing Voice and SMS through Infobip, Marham’s brand recognition and trust increased. Since patients could now receive information and reminders through calls, the number of appointments doubled.

Additionally, receiving necessary appointment information on time due to the failover system led Marham to experience a 40-50% decrease in the number of complaints they received from patients and doctors.

This had a direct impact on revenue since the number of people showing up to their scheduled appointments increased from 52% to 55%.

Marham results

Now, using Infobip’s platform, Marham is able to address their ever-changing communication requirements.

Due to the visible results and surge in patient trust and appointments, Marham is now looking to integrate Infobip’s WhatsApp Business API and Voice Masking API soon.

Wazzah Iftikhar
Application Lead

“We wanted a reliable and dedicated solution to fulfil our current and future requirements. Infobip’s solutions were robust and customizable according to our needs. In addition, the technical and support team are always on hand. Partnering with Infobip has greatly benefited Marham, and their web-based interface gives us a 360-degree view of our messages being sent, delivery reports, insights and analysis. Since working with Infobip not only have we seen an uptake on the number of appointments but also a 40-50% decrease in customer complaints – leading to an increase in trust, which is imperative in the healthcare sector.”

Company Profile


Bridging the gap between patients and doctors, Pakistani healthcare app Marham can locate nearby doctors, obtain appointments by booking online or utilize online forum for queries, medical assistance and getting a second opinion. At present, Marham is available in 12 major cities including Karachi, Lahore and Islamabad. It has an iOS and Android app along with a website, allowing doctors and patients to find each other on a click of a button. Marham is on a mission to revive the current healthcare system in Pakistan.