Finance messaging trends 2024

Analysis of the 473 billion interactions between businesses and customers on the Infobip platform in 2023 reveals how innovative finance companies are embracing new channels, incorporating chatbots to provide an always-on service, and using gen-AI to help improve customer service.

New market players gaining a competitive advantage  

With more choice of financial service providers available to customers, smaller and more agile businesses that can incorporate the latest technology to provide a faster and more engaging customer experience become more attractive.

In our report we have been able to identify three key trends that are helping these businesses to evolve their services.

  1. Co-ordinated multi-channel communication
  2. Conversational customer experience
  3. Using data and AI effectively to drive personalization

Download this report to find out how they are doing this, and which are the most effective channels for this new era of messaging in the finance industry.

Channel trends in the finance sector


increase in mobile app messaging


increase in conversational support messages using WhatsApp


more AI generated messages on Instagram

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